Top 2024 Defensive backs

August 24, 2021


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The 2024 class is loaded with talent here in Texas. We are here to uncover that talent and bring them a spotlight for years to come. Some of these players have already gained the national spotlight and are some of the best in the state and nation. Here are some of the top defensive backs to watch this Texas High School football season. 

Top 2024 DBs

Maurice Williams, Shadow Creek


Maurice Williams is one of the very best defensive backs in the state and entire nation. 247sports has him ranked at as the NO.1 saftey in the nation and NO.1 overal player in the state. So we are looking at the very best player in the 2024 class. Played at for Houston’s Episcopal last season but will be representing Shadow Creek High School this fall after transfering. Holds six division I offers to schools like USC, Ole Miss, & Baylor.¬†

Analysis: Maurice possesses above-average height, size, and athleticism. He did not look like a freshman last season. He looks like a hybrid saftety/cornerback who is used to play in the box and or come down hill and light up ball carriers. He can get after the QB, rush off the edge and get to the QB before the offensive lienemen even have a chace to look up. Covers the entire field, sideline to sideline well and is a sure tackler. I think he conuties to grow and add more mass to his frame and be a scpecial player for years to come. 

Jordon Johnson-Rubell, Brewer High School

Jordan Johnson-Rubell

For only being a freshmen last season on varsity, Jordon was very impressive on defense. Rubell was able to earn himself four-stars and plenty of division I offers.(16) Jordan is one of the top defensive back recruits in the state and nation to watch in the 2024 class. 247sports has Rubell ranked NO.3 in the nation and 5th in the state at his position. Offers include from schools like Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas A&M & USC. 

Analysis: Standing at 5’10” one-hundred and sixty pounds Jordan has adequate size. Looks light on his feet, has long arms and elite speed. This DB can really flip his hips well. Track the ball in the air and showed flashes of speed turning and shadowing receivers. No doubt some of the reasons that aided him in earning four-stars and so many division I offers so early on in his career.

Jaydan Hardy, Lewisville 


In 2020 Hardy was named 6A Defensive Newcomer of the Year as a freshman and had 61 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, and 2 interceptions. This player has got some good football pedigree to him, father is a former Tennessee volunteer and NFL linebacker. Holds 12 division I offers to schools like Alabama, Florida, LSU, and others. 

Analysis:¬†Jaydan possesses above-average height & size at 6’1″ 175 relative to his position. This is a cover corner that can cover the entire field and is not afraid to come downhill and light people up like a Christmas tree. Shows impressive awareness on the field and watches the quarterback’s eyes, as he baits them into throwing his direction and then swoops in like an NBA shot-blocker to swat or pick away the ball. Shows off the impressive vertical ability and ball skills meeting the ball at the apex better than most receivers can. Jaydan will be a special player to watch over the years and beyond the high school level.¬†

Jaden Allen, Aledo


Jaden is one of the fastest up-in-coming underclassmen in the nation and plays for one of Texas powerhouses in Aldeo. Should be a special player to watch this season for them and one that the University of Texas is keeping in close contact with. As he holds offers to the longhorns and others like LSU and USC. 

Analysis: Jaden could easily be one of the very best cover corners in his class. He is a bit undersized at the moment but possesses long arms and legs and I think he will continue to grow and add more mass to his frame. He is elite in press coverage or floated-off receivers and has a knack for jumping in front of passes to make a play on the ball. 

Ka’Davion Dotson, Duncanville

Dotson is an athlete for Duncancville who can play multilpe positions on special teams, defense and offense. However, his skills and athleticsm bear out on the defensive side of the ball. Hes got some lethal closing speed and can cover the entire back half of the feild. Keep your eye on this player to make an impact this season for the panthers. 

Honorable mentions

Kobe Black, Connally

Terry Bussey, Timpson

Nicholas Peace, Dickinson

Braylon Thomas, Columbia

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