Champions Corner, Up Next Recruit: 27′ Magnolia QB, Jace Rainer

March 2, 2023


4:13 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

Our champions corner will feature some of the very best Up Next recruits to know about from the class of 2027. The recruits that will be mentioned, will easily be some of the best to know from around the county and who we believe will be up next in terms of grabbing the national or state spotlight. Discover our first recruit to know of this new series of the year. Our first recruit Up Next.


Evaluations & Analysis

Jace Rainer (27′) | 5-8, TBD | QB | Magonlia

Jace is a young quarterback with tons of potential to be an elite quarterback that features a quick release, a nice tight spiral, plenty of velocity, and accuracy on all of his throws. Footwork and technique look good relative to age/position,you can tell he takes training very seriously with various quarterback trainers(via twitter), however, this will only improve as time goes on. Jace is proficient in the short to the intermittent passing game with his quick release and excellent timing with receivers, Jace looks impressive on film. Jace also displays good ball placement for receivers and can hit receivers in stride deep downfield, or in the short passing game on curl or out routes. Nice velocity and accuracy is displayed on throws over the middle or towards the sideline. At this pace, if Jace continues to improve his technique and if his height continues to progress, we could see Jace being one of the elite top quarterbacks in his class with FBS to FCS caliber potential.



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