Champions Corner, Recruit to Know: 24′ Connally LB Jaylin Petty

April 13, 2023


5:20 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

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Our champions corner features some of the top recruits in Texas High School football to know each week. We are adding players to our rankings every week and they will be our top 20 and watchlist players like recruit fixing to be mentioned below. This week’s champions corner brings a recruit to know from Connally, Jaylin Petty.


Evaluation & Analysis

Jaylin Petty (24′) | 6-2 / 215 | LB | Connally

Jaylin has the next-level size and talent to be a recruit every coach should know. He doesn’t have much film as of yet, but we feel in the film we have seen that Jaylin will have a breakout season for his senior year. He shows he can cover sideline-to-sideline and cover against the pass very well. Against the run, lined up at the middle linebacker position, Jaylin can shut down the run, and sniff out ball carriers for tackles for losses in the backfield. Petty has the speed and agility to explode into the backfield. Jaylin features long arms, and a lengthy frame, he can be a defender who can stand up or put his hand on the ground and get after the quarterback. He is an all-around linebacker that is versatile that can rush off the edge or play middle linebacker and shut down offenses. An FBS, to FCS caliber recruit coaches, needs to know about.


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