Game Recap: Westfield versus Hightower Game Recap, Player of the Game, Standouts

September 2, 2022


3:37 pm


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This was an intense football game with a lot of talent all over the field. This game featured some high-powered offense and tough defensive talent and some exciting plays that would ensue on the night. 

Westfield would come out firing with senior quarterback PJ Hatter who was very impressive on the night throwing dimes and finding the end-zone at will. Hatter could have a breakout senior season if he is able to stay healthy after dealing with the injury back last season. 

The Westfield Mustangs were pretty much in control this game from the beginning. Even though the score was close, the game was far out of reach well on from the beginning with the excellent play of Westfield quarterback PJ Hatter. Hatter and the Mustang offense marched up and down the football field at will, showing how good they will be this season. 

On defense, Westfield was able to keep Hightower pretty quiet the entire game. It wouldn’t be until later on when underclassmen quarterback Jospeh Stewart Jr. would fight to keep his team in the game throwing some enticing passes to open receivers and making plays with his legs. Nonetheless, Westfield was able to walk away with a victory in this one. 

Final Score: 51-29, Westfield over Hightower

Westfield will have a true test next week as they will look to face the North Shore Mustangs. Hightower will look to bounce back and make their record 2-1 on the season against Fort Bend Davis. 

tdrecruits Player of the Game

#7 QB, PJ Hatter (23′) | 6-2 / 195 | Westfield

Hatter was throwing strikes all game long and helped his team to victory by throwing many touchdowns and being very in control of the offense on the night. His athleticism paired with his arm, PJ could have a breakout senior season and we feel it’s now to early to say so. 

Westfield Standout Recruits of the Game

#7 QB, PJ Hatter (23′) | 6-2 / 195 | Westfield

#4 WR Dajohn Palomo (23′) | 5-9 / 150 | Westfield 

Hightower Standout Recruits of the Game

#1 QB Joseph Stewart Jr. (25′) | 5-10 / 175 | Hightower 

Breakout Recruits of the Game

#4 WR Dajohn Palomo (23′) | 5-9 / 150 | Westfield 

Palomo is a recruit who is severely undersized for his position but still could be one that gains interest and that could be used at many different positions on offense or on special teams. Dajohn had 4 catch s in the game and 3 of them went for touchdowns with one long 90-plus yard return to cap of an excellent night. 

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