2024 Running back Rankings

February 7, 2022


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This list of talented running backs here in the state of Texas in the 2024 class is a very loaded and talented one.

The amount of talented players in this particular position groups and class is outstanding; Texas produces some of the best athletes in the nation. Here are some of the top running back recruits to know.


#20.Trey Morris (24)| 5’10 185 | RB | Cypress Falls

Trey is a running back who can do a little bit of it all, shows he can catch out of the backfield and or run in between the tackles or take a run to the outside, doesn’t have the breakaway speed, but can pick up some good chunks of yardage.

#19.Harry Stewart III (24)¬†| 5’8 180 | RB | Centennial

This is a guy who deserves some offers. Stewart has the elite speed and open-field moves to be amongst the elite. AS a few improvements he can make with his vision running in between the tackles, but overall, FBS caliber player whose recruitment you could see skyrocket and take off soon.

#18.Keshun Thomas (24)| 5’9 180 | RB | A&M Consolidated

Thomas is an athlete to keep your eye on who is very versatile on the field and catches out of the backfield or plays special teams and makes an impact because of his speed and athleticism. Shows some good cutback moves, has the speed to create 5-10 yards between himself and defenders on runs, however needs to show a little more consistency turning positive yardage into six points instead of just first downs. Rushed for 1,100 yards last season and had 15 total touchdowns to go along with it.

#17.Quinton Jones (24) | ¬†5’11” 190 RB Jersey Village

Jones has the elite speed and agility to be a dominant running back, just needs a bit more balance and lateral agility to take his game to the next level. Shows he can be explosive out of the backfield and take the ball into the end-zone on occasion. A little bit more development could have this guy off to the races onto a lot of recruiting boards.

#16.Xai’Shaun Edwards(24) | 5’9 175 | RB | Clear Springs

Edwards is a versatalie running back that can be used out of the wildcat and different other formations and dominate on the field. He has the speed, balance, and vision to be considered elite, open field moves could improve. Overall a terrific FBS caliber prospect

#15.John Raybuck (24) | 6’1 195 | RB | Coram Deo Academy

John Roebuck is an elite running back with size, speed and power out of the backfield. He can explode through the LOS, and run over a few people on the way to the endzone. Very vestal player who can dominate on special teams as well as offense. FBS caliber prospect who should have multiple DI offers.

#14.Trey Taylor (24) | 5’10 170 | RB | A&M Consolidated

Trey has elite speed and can beat everyone on the way into the endzone. A versatile running back that also catch out of the backfield, make one cut and be off to the races. FBS caliber running ack with a high ceiling for success.

#13.Jordan Reaves (24) | 6’0 200 | RB | Lamar

Jordan Reaves stock should be through the roof, he’s a an athlete that is very versatile on the field and can hurt defenses on special teams or on offense. He’s electric with the football in his hands, explosive out of the backfield, shows good open field moves and speed. Has a long, athletic looking frame with long arms and great size. FBS caliber prospect in Reaves.

#12.Brandon Tullis (24) | 6’0 190 | RB | Memorial

Tullis is a next level running back with elite speed and balance, this guy can bounce off tackles and spin his way into the. end-zone, showed great lateral speed and the ability to make people miss, moves well well for his size, being a taller, leaner running back.

#11.Michael Wilson (24) | 5’10 175 | RB | Klein Collins

Wilson is an elite running back with speed, balance and lateral speed, had long arms, can stiff arm defenders and or make them miss in the open field. FBS caliber prospect with a high upside.

#10.Viron Ellison (24)| 6’0, 170 | RB, ATH | Lewisville

Viron is an athlete with a stout, lean athletic build who can brake some ankles and take runs all the way to the house. Shows he can be very versatile on the field and be used on special teams, and even blocking as sort of a fullback/second running back out of the backfield, which can create some dangerous mismatch nightmares.

#9.Kewan Lacy (24) | 5’11 190 | RB | Lancaster

Lacy is that guy. Has 1 offer to Indiana respectively, however, I suspect that number to dramatically increase in the near future once word gets out about this guy. He shows elite speed, and balance, one or two cuts, and this guy is off to the races. FBS caliber prospect with a high ceiling for success at the next level.

#8.Trey Roger-Joyner (24) | 5’9 170 | RB | Guyer

Trey is a prospect to keep your eye on who holds multiple Division I interest from schools like Ole Miss, SMU, Texas and Texas A&M. Looks to be a very athletic running back who can make some people miss in the open field and has elite speed.

#7.Jamaal Wiley (24)| 6’1″ 200 | RB Stafford

Wiley is a strong and physical runner, a workhorse back you could feed the rock to and have to pick up some tuff yardage. His speed and agility, lateral ability, and a few other aspects of his game he can improve on to take him to that next level as a prospect and a player.

#6.Jeremy Payne (24) | 5’10 170 | RB | Hightower

Payne is an elite running back with elite speed, shows amazing core strength and ability to break tackles is phenomenal. He has the gas to out run the entire defense to the way to the end-zone. After great season last year, Payne started picking up offers and interest and holds 5 division I offers to schools like Baylor, SMU & UTSA. That number is expected to rise significantly in the coming months.

#5.Jaylen Boardley (24) | 6’0 190 | RB | Pleasant Grove

Holds 6 Divison I offers Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, SMU, Texas Tech, and UTSA. Boardley shows the consistency to break open field tackles with great core strength and balance. Is a long stride runner that can break some runs to the outside or run in the trenches, shows good vision, and has that big playmaking ability any time he touches the ball.

#4.Taylor Tatum (24) | 6′ 185 | ¬†RB |¬†¬†Longview

Taylor is an athlete who is a long stride runner with enough speed to beat many in a footrace towards the endzone. Shows he is very versatile can be used on special teams, defense, and other positions. As a running back, he’s a run cut runner who can make one move and be off to the races, won’t completely wow you with his speed but he has enough to dominate. FBS prospect with a high ceiling at the next level.

#3.Nathaniel Palmer¬†(24) | 5’10” 175 | RB | College Station

It was a two-headed monster out of the backfield for the College Station Coogs with Palmer and Collins this past season and will be the next. Palmer has Olympic track sprinter speed and can take runs up the middle or around the edge and take the football all the way to the house often untouched. Shows some nasty open-field moves that can break some ankles; holds 8 Division I offers from schools like Houston, Oklahoma State, USC, and others.

#2.Derrick McFall (24) | 5’10 175 | RB | ¬†Tyler High

Derrick is easily one of the top backs in his class, he shows elite athleticism, speed, and agility in his race to the end-zone, which he often goes untouched leaving defenders 5-10 yards in the dust. This is a high-caliber running back who will have a high ceiling at the next level. Holds 10 division I offers from schools like Arkakasas, Oklahoma State, SMU, and others.

#1.Bryan Jackson (24) | 6’0″ 185 | RB | McKinney

Bryan is a huge stock riser compared to this time last year, he brings great size, speed, and power running the football in between the tackles, can catch out of the backfield, and has the speed to take runs all the way into the endzone. Holds 21 Division I offers from schools like Georgia, Michigan State, Ohio State, TCU, Texas & Texas A&M to name a few.

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