2024 Defensive Back Re-rankings

June 28, 2022


7:41 pm



In this post, we’re going through some of the top defensive backs in Texas for the 2024 recruiting cycle. These individuals are undoubtedly among the greatest that Texas has to offer, and some are even nationally ranked.We think these are among the best defensive back recruits in Texas.

Without further ado, here are our re-rankings for the state’s top 2024 defensive backs: This is without a doubt one of the most talented groups we’ve ever seen, and narrowing it down was quite tough, but enough chatting now; let’s get right into the best-rated 2024 defensive back prospects in Texas.



TOP 20


#20.Kayden Cooper (24) | 6’1, 185 | S | New Caney

Kayden is an elite athlete who is next up, a very versatile player; can play special teams and defense and dominate. He has elite speed, agility, and range of the field at the safety position with the requisite height and size. Highly productive player, Tracks the ball, and attacks it. He flips his hips well and can run with the receiver. The dangerous athlete is also on a special team who can make a house call anytime he touches the football. FBS prospect who will have plenty of offers and be highly ranked.

#19.Bailey Fletcher (24) | 6′, 170 | CB | Reagan

Bailey is a talented defensive back with excellent ball-hawk potential. He is a hard-hitting open-field tackler who can also turn his head, trail targets, and make plays on the ball. An FBS caliber athlete with a high potential for achievement who will continue to develop and rise in rankings and recruiting lists.

#18.Joseph Brocks (24) | 5’9, 160 | CB | Rowlett

Brandon Brocks is a lightning strike on the football field. He has a knack for coming up with big plays and making them look simple. Flips his hips effectively and can chase down receivers. Ball handling is exceptional. He has closing speed and shows the ability to turn and run when needed. For years to come, Brandon Brocks will have a special rest of his career.

#17.William Nettles (24) | 6′, 170 | CB | Dallas Christian School

Nettles is one of the most physical cornerbacks in this draft class, thanks to his long limbs and athletic build. In his backpedal, he displays outstanding athleticism and speed; he can trail receivers and look for the ball. On offense and defense, Nettles is a dependable guy who can come with the ball.

#16.Paul Mencke Jr. (24) | 6’2, 175 | S | Samuel Clemens

Paul has the ability to flatten ball carriers. When he comes downhill from that safety position, he has a strong motor and pursuit, which helps him to prevent plays from ever developing. With division I dimensions and talent, this is a special athlete.

#15.Peyton Morgan (24) | 6′, 170 | S | Weiss

Peyton is a ball hawk who has the ability to raise his stock significantly in the near future. This is an FBS prospect who can come downhill and lay the wood on defenders or spin around and make a play on the football. An above-average FBS athlete with a high degree of potential.

#14.Kerry Williams (24) | 5’10, 165 | CB | South Oak Cliff

Kerry is an athletic playmaker who may undercut passes and come downhill to lay the wood on defenders. He has great closing speed, as well as the ability to make key plays and break-up passes. FBS-level prospects with high potential.

#13.Aaron Flowers (24) | 5’11, 180 | S | Forney

Flowers is a defensive beast that has five Division I scholarships to schools like Baylor, SMU, and Texas Tech. When you see him light up a ball carrier, flowers will make your jaw hit the floor and your eyes widen. He’s got the physicality to go with his tackling ability and knocking receivers off routes or making a play on the ball

#12.Kenyan Kelly (24) | 6’1, 180 | S | Denison

Kenyan is a run-stopping defensive back who can lay people out as he crosses over the middle of the field. With top-end hitting and speed, Denison’s Gots the big hit skills and athleticism to make big-time plays all over the field. Holds offers from Baylor, OU, and LSU to name a couple of his seven total offers.

#11.Jaden Allen (24) | 5’9, 150 | DB | Aledo

Jaden Allen may be one of the best cover corners in this class. Shows a smooth backpedal is at ease in the press or off coverage, making big plays appear routine. The Texas longhorns have a bright future ahead of them for many years.


Top 10



#10.Landyn Cleveland (24) | 6′ 185 | S | Mansfield Legacy

Landyn’s an exceptional athlete who can smash defenders when he makes contact. When Clevalasnd makes contact on the field, you may hear the collision from the stands. Light on his feet with a low center of gravity. Multi-year starter at the next level who has long-term promise.

#9.Braylon Conley (24) | 6’0, 170 | DB | Atascocita

In his division, he has faced some tough opposition. Looks to be a corner who plays physically within a route and makes tackles. Can rack up TFL or INTs. He will be a boon for Atascocita and may develop into a highly regarded cornerback.

#8.Mario Buford (24) | 5-11, 165 | CB | DeSoto

DeSoto is bringing in another high-skill player. A gifted athlete and defensive back, he has smooth backpedal mechanics and displays good closing speed breaking on the ball. He can jar the football loose with hits and show he can trail receivers, and get his head around to make a play on the ball. Holds 13 early offers from universities

#7.Leonard Moore (24) | 6’1, 160 | CB | Round Rock

Aaron Moore is a great cover corner who can make a play in the backfield when he comes off the line. He flips his hips and tracks the ball in the air, batting down passes with his frame and long arms that Aaron Moore takes advantage of. An FBS prospect with ten scholarship offers from schools like Missouri, TCU, AND Tulsa

#6.Maurice Williams (24) | 6’1, 185 | DB | Shadow Creek

LSU commit Maurice Willias is a dangerous special-teams and the defensive side of the ball because of his speed and athleticism; this increases his value. With a hard-nosed, physical style and a strong motor, he plays with an outstanding motor. Shadow Creek excels against the run and pass.

#5.Ka’Davion Dotson (24) | 6’0″ 180 | DB | Duncanville

As with many of his teammates, he is a high-level defensive back who can lay the wood on defenders like Madden. Flashes the ability to shadow wideouts in the vertical passing game with turn-and-run savvy. He has great situational awareness and shows a desire for the ball. Baylor, Nebraska, SMU, TCU, and USC

#4.Eli Bowen (24) | 5’9, 165 | DB | Guyer

Eli will be one of the best cover corners in his class. Week in and out Bowen faces tough opposition playing for Guyer and is battle-tested. He played well last year, displaying great awareness and closing speed getting to the ball carrier and making a play on the ball. The Bowen brothers are two lockdown defenders for Guyer. Eli appears likely to be a highly regarded defensive back in his class.

#3.Aeryn Hampton (24) | 5’10 , 175 | DB | Daingerfield

Texas longhorns athlete and commit Aeryn Hampton can play press or float against defenders, bait the QB into throwing his way, undercut the route, and has the elite speed and athleticism to take the football untouched. Holds 18 total DI offers before committing to Texas.

#2.Kobe Black (24) | 6’1 , 180 | DB | Conally

Kobe Black is a fast and athletic player who can dominate the court in every area. Also willing to lay the wood on defense, as well as throw a shoulder into receivers’ hands to jar passes loose from their grasp. He has 19 Division I scholarship offers, and I believe that number will rise across the nation for this exceptional athlete who may play offense

#1. Corian Gipson (24) | 5’11 , 150 | DB Lancaster

Corian can follow and attack the football, covering the entire back-half of the field. This guy has a lot of speed and agility and can cover a lot of ground with his movement. A very physical player who translates to both passing and rushing attacks. He holds 30 defensive intents to schools including Baylor, Texas, Texas Tech, and others


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