2023 New Year Rankings: 25′ QBs

March 10, 2023


1:43 pm



Today we kick off our Annual re-rankings of the top up-and-coming junior class recruits. We are kicking of the 2025 class rankings with taking a look at some of the very best quarterback recruits in the state of Texas and in the nation.

We know some of the very best recruits come from the great state of Texas that compete at a national level with some of the other top recruits from others states from across the country. Lets take a look at some of the very best quarterback recruits the class of 2025 has to offer in Texas High School football.

Our rankings are put together with many different factors including level of completion, skills relative to position, height, and size, and hours of endless film review. We work hard to help you discover some of the best there is to know.

Top 20 Ranked Texas High School 2025 Quarterback Recruits


#20. Ranked QB (TX), Luke Carney (25′) | 6-1, 195 | QB | Dallas Christian

Luke can rifle passes splitting defenders and has the athleticism and speed to take runs in for six points. He is proficient in the short-to-intermediate passing game and can pick apart defenses with his arm. With more films, this season Luke could raise his stock even more.

#19. Ranked QB (TX), Brent Paine (25) | 6-1, 175 | QB | Forney

Brent can rifle throws past defenders and features a quick strike ability to hit receivers deep downfield and in stride on the way into the end-zone. Also does a great job of placing the ball where only his receivers can make a play on the football in the end-zone or near the sidelines.

#18. Ranked QB (TX), Edward Griffin (25) | 6-1, 190 | QB | Coppell

Griffin can beat defenses with his legs or run over defenders with his tough running style and speed. Also delivers a nice football to open receivers with plenty of velocities that the ball probably catches them. Does a great job of working the pocket and the football downfield. Special quarterback who is without a doubt an FBS caliber prospect.

#17. Ranked QB (TX), Adam Schobel (25) | 6-4, 180 | QB | Columbus

Schobel has the next-level size and pedigree to be a star at the next level. Adam has had his father and uncles both play football for TCU and in the NFL. In 2022 Schobel threw for over 2823 yards through the air and racked up 36 touchdowns completing 72 percent of his passes. With his size and arm talent, Schobel could pass many on this list, and end up on a lot of recruiting boards this year.

#16. Ranked QB (TX), ¬†Lloyd Jones (25) | 6’4, 200 | QB | Hitchcock

Lloyd has the next-level size and talent to be a special player for years to come for Hitchcock. A multi-sport athlete who also plays basketball, as well as football dominates on both the gridiron and court. In 2022 Jones threw for 2836 yards and 36 touchdowns as well as adding 445 yards rushing on the ground and 8 touchdowns on the season according to his hudl film. Dominates on both sides of the football on defense and offense. Has a rocket launcher of an arm and can hit receivers on the money every time. Holds two offers to Colorado State, and Texas State.

#15. Ranked QB (TX), ¬†Will Hargett (25) | 5’11, 150 | QB | A&M Consolidated

Will does an excellent job of delivering the football and doesn’t have to set his feet to deliver a dime downfield. Shows good velocity and arm strength on all throws with his quick strike ability, Will can put points up on the board quickly.

#14. Ranked QB (TX), ¬†Ty Hawkins (25) | 6′, 185 | QB | Johnson (SA.TX)

Ty holds six division I offers at the moment from schools like SMU, Texas State, and Texas Tech, and for good reason. Hawkins was named Texas district 28-6A overall MVP as a sophomore and produced over 2,100 yards through the air completing 129 of 225 of his passes with an impressive 30 touchdowns on the season. Hawkins can also hurt defenses with his legs nearly rushing for 1,000 yards on the ground (899) and an additional 6 rushing touchdowns on the year. Ty does an amazing job of getting the job done with his legs or arm because of his elite athleticism and speed, Ty can beat most in a footrace to the endzone and works the football down the field beautifully with his arm.

#13. Ranked QB (TX), ¬†Kaleb Bailey (25) | 6’2, 185 | QB | North Shore

We know the talent that Bailey possesses as a quarterback but one with supreme athleticism that can pick up first downs or touchdowns with his legs or arm. Bailey can do it all, however, due to a lack of film due to an injury we could not in fairness list Kaleb higher or he could have very well been in the top 10 if not five conversations with some of the best quarterback recruits in his class. Bailey is the real deal and an elite quarterback who could surpass many this coming up season on our rankings. Holds 6 division I offers to schools like Auburn, TCU, and UTSA.

#12. Ranked QB (TX),  Aaron DeLeon (25) | 6-1, 165 | QB | Stratford

Aaron can sit back and deliver strikes to receivers downfield and does not have to step into throws to showcase his arm strength or velocity. Does an excellent job of picking apart defenses through the air and can buy time with his legs rolling out to either siding avoiding pressure in the pocket to deliver a well-thrown ball downfield hitting receivers near the sidelines or the open field.

#11. Ranked QB (TX), ¬†Brady McCown (25) | 6′, 170 | QB | Jacksonville

Brady has some of the best football pedigree of any recruit on this list and his mechanics throwing the football show that he has received top-tier training. Father is a former NFL quarterback who is now is also a quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers, and he has other who played division I football and or in the NFL. Brady can throw the football very well, and with precise timing with all of his receivers. With his ability to hit receivers deep down the field in stride or over the middle of the field. It has left us wondering how come to this recruit has flown under the radar for so long with so much talent and pedigree.

Top 10

#10. Ranked QB (TX) Gavin Parkhurst (25) | 6-3,185 | QB | Trinity Valley

Gavin has the prototypical size and next-level size that you would expect out of a quarterback. He can make all the throws and checks all of the boxes off as a top-ranked and rated recruit.

#9. Ranked QB (TX) Jackson Hamilton (25) | 5’11, 170 | QB | Pearland

A quarterback who does a great job a avoiding pressure and keeping his eyes down the field to find and hit open receivers. Flashes a quick release and excellent timing on most of all of his throws to receivers.

#8. Ranked QB (TX) Jax Brown (25) | 6’2,180 | QB | Weiss

Jax has quick strike ability and can find open receivers downfield with ease. Does a great job with back-shoulder throws and placing the football where only his receivers can make a play. Really great touch and velocity on all of his throws.

#7. Ranked QB (TX) Roy Thomas Jenkins (25) | 6-4, 185 | QB | West Brook

A quarterback who can deliver the football deep down the field without having to set his feet and can hang in the pocket facing pressure. Roy can make plays with his quick-strike ability or buy time with his legs to find an open receiver down the field. Does an excellent job of rolling out to either side and throwing the football downfield or can take it himself and pick yup first downs or points.

#6. Ranked QB (TX) Kelden Ryan (25) | 6’2, 195 | QB |¬†All Saints Episcopal

Kelden is very impressive throwing the football and can improvise on plays and pick up points or first downs with his ability to keep plays alive. Has elite speed and athleticism and delivers down field, in the endzone or over the middle of the field.

#5. Ranked QB (TX) Joseph Stewart (25) | 5-11, 175 | QB | Hightower

Stewart has a rifle of an arm and can split defenders easily or take a bit off passes and float them into the endzone for his receivers where they can only catch it. Does an excellent job of hanging in the pocket in the face of pressure and delivering strikes downfield. Can also throw well on the run.

#4. Ranked QB (TX) Quintaelyn Joyner (25) | 6-1, 200 | QB | Manor

Joyner is an athlete who can make plays himself with his explosives and speed out of the backfield evading pressure out of the backfield, he can take runs all the way for six and can also drop dimes for receivers in the open field. We loved the athleticism and arm talents Quintaelyn possessed as a quarterback.

#3. Ranked QB (TX), Kevin Sperry (25) | 6-1,200 | QB | Rock Hill

Sperry can make all of the throws look routine or with just a flick of the wrist as he can also deliver the football from different angles to his receivers. With a Patrick Mahomes type of throwing motion. It’s easy to see Kevin as one of the top quarterbacks recruits not only the state but as well as the nation and could easily be number one on our list and for good reason. His next-level skills set him apart from many throwing the football and flashes speed and agility running with the football or buying time with his legs.

#2. Ranked QB (TX), Sawyer Anderson (25) | 6′, 180 | QB | Parish Episcopal School

Sawyer is a prototypical quarterback who also flashes elite athleticism and arm strength. He can sit back and pick apart defense through the air with plenty of velocity and pin-drop accuracy.

#1. Ranked QB (TX),  Keelon Russell (25) | 6-4, 175 | QB | Duncanville

Keelon is an athlete who can torch defenses through the sky or ground. He has an elite deep ball with accuracy and can easily hit receivers downfield in stride or on any route. Easily one of the best athletes on the field anytime he touches the field, and his proper quarterback mechanics and technique leave him second to none in our view.


Honorable Mentions

Reggie McNeal Jr. (25) | 5’10,150 | QB | Mayde Creek
Isaiah Coleman (25) | 5-10, 165 | QB | Jasper
Quinten Foster (25) | 5’11, 165 | QB | Spring
Ace Walker (25) | 6’1, 155 | QB | Stephenville
Gavin Phillips (25) | 6’0,235 | QB | Lufkin
Kennen Miller (25) | 5’9, 165 | QB | Lake Ridge
Kamal Henry (25) | 6′, 190 | QB | Manvel
Chase Johnson (25) | 6-1,175 | QB | Daingerfield
Cris Castro (25) | 5-11, 155 | QB | Sterling City



Newly Added, Should Haves for the List

Max Gerlich (25′) | 6-3, 190 | QB | Anderson

Max has division I offers and next-level talent, and is one that we severely wish we would have added to the list. With his next-level size and talent, Max could be ranked among some of the best in his class.


(Note: this post has been edited by a member of the tdrecruits staff since first published.) 

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