2023 New Year Rankings: 24′ OL’s

February 13, 2023


6:54 pm



This week we finish the 2024 ranking with a look at some of the top offensive line recruits in the state. Here are some of the states, and nations best to know about here in Texas.


Top 20 Texas High School Football Offensive line recruits


#20. Ranked OL (TX) Everett Champlin (24) | 6-3.5 / 280 | OT | The Woodlands

#19. Ranked OL (TX) Coen Echols (24) | 6-3 / 275 IOL | Katy

#18. Ranked OL (TX) Jordan Rowe (24) | 6-3 / 265 IOL | “South Oak Cliff

#17. Ranked OL (TX) Ryan Hughes (24) | 6-6/290 | OL | The Woodlands

#16. Ranked OL (TX) Holton Hendrix (24) | 6-4 / 250 OT | Lubbock-Cooper

#15. Ranked OL (TX) Ray’Quan Bell (24) | 6-5 / 290 OT | Westfield

#14. Ranked OL (TX) Koltin Sieracki (24) | 6-3,/ 305 IOL | The Woodlands

#13. Ranked OL (TX) Nate Kibble (24) | 6’3, 280 | OL | Atascocita

#12. Ranked OL (TX) Ory Williams (24) | 6-7 / 320 OT | San Marcos

#11. Ranked OL (TX) Blake Ivy (24) | 6-4 / 275 OT | Clear Springs


Top 10


#10. Ranked OL (TX)Willie Goodacre (24) | 6-4 / 280 IOL | Guyer

Willie looks like a true left tackle with a huge frame and long arms. Displays great pass blocking tecquine, and his long arms help him take control of defenders in pass pro with great hand placement. His recruitment has taken off this year after a spectualr season at left tackle with the majority of more than half of his offers coming in 2023 (11 of 19).

#9. Ranked OL (TX) Gipson Pyle (24) | 6’4, 270 | OT | Klein Cain

Gipson has long been one of the top offensive linemen recruits in his class. His violent nature translates to his blocking versus the run and passing game. Pyle does an excellent job of pulling around and kicking out the edge, and can get their in a hurry because of his athleticism, and also dislplays elite strength in his ability too package or throw defenders into the dirt. Holds 22 division I offers from schools like Cal, Ole Miss, and the North Carolina tar heels whom experts believe could be at the top of Pyle’s list.

#8. Ranked OL (TX) Daniel Cruz (24) | 6-3 / 295 IOL | Richland

Daniel might be one of the best interior offensive linemen on this list who can also play the blind side tackle because of his solid tecquine in pass protection and run blocking. His athleticism kicking out the edge and blocking out in space are elite. Cruz has some of the best pass protection footwork and techquine possibly on this list, and is also violent in the run game with his display of elite strength, and heavy handed punch. Holds 29 division I offers and all of the top programs from around the country like Alabama, Ohio State, Texas and others are all battling for this top recruit.

#7. Ranked OL (TX) Blake Frazier (24) | 6-5/260 | OL | Vandergrift

Blake can blow defenders up along the offensive line with great explosiveness out of his stances, and sheer strength. He does a great job washing defenders down the line, or combo blocking to the next level of defenders. Upper body strength is some of the best we have seen with Fraziers ability to throw defenders around like rag dolls. Holds a total of 25 division I offers from schools like Clemson, Oregon, LSU, Texas, and others.

#6. Ranked OL (TX) Casey Poe (24) | 6-5 / 260 IOL | Lindale

Violent run blocking offensive linemen, Poe can dominate along the offensive line in pass protection or in the run game. Features a lengthy stout frame, with long arms. He does a great job of playing left tackle, but can also play the interior at the next level because of his ability to block the next level defenders, or kick out the edge. Holds 19 division I offers to schools like Alabama, Oklahoma, TCU, and others.

Top 5


#5. Ranked OL (TX) Makai Saina (24) | 6-4 / 275 OT | Martin

Makai is a nasty blocker who shows a good mean streaking driving defenders off the ball and pancaking them into the dirt. Displays a great drive and run blocking teaching with a low, and solid base with feet that never stop chopping down. Saint is one who is athletic enough to terrorize next level defenders or make holes along the offensive line at the tackle position. Holds offers to schools like Auburn, Baylor, and Florida State among others.

#4. Ranked OL (TX) Max Anderson (24) | 6-5 / 300 | OT | Reedy

Anderson is a versatile offensive line recruit who can dominate at the tackle position or in the interior at guard. Shows elite athleticism pulling around and kicking out the edge. Features a big lengthy, athletic frame with long arms and can shows excellent technique run blocking. Oregon, Kansas, and Ohio State are some of the latest schools to offer Anderson.

#3. Ranked OL (TX) Bennett Warren (24) | 6-7 / 305 OT | Fort Bend Christian Academy

Bennett has a mean streak to him and can dominate in the run or passing game with sound tecquine. He is an enormas human beig standing at 6-foot-7 and featuring longarms. He domiantes opponets both in the run and passing game. Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Texas A&M are among some schools at the top of Warrens list experts think.

#2. Ranked OL (TX) Michael Uini (24) | 6-7/ 290 | OL | Copperas Cove

Michael is one of the most sought after offensive line recruits in the country. Is a true left tackle that has good pass protection strength, and skills, and is one who can wash defenders down the offensive line or pancake them. Uini can play anywhere in the country that he wanted to with a total of 37 division I offers and is still counting.

#1. Ranked OL (TX) Ashton Funk (24) | 6-7 / 300 |  OT | Tompkins

Funk a Texas A&M aggies commit, is by far one of the largest offensive line recruits with the best, and most solid techniques relative to his position.  Shows elite athleticism pulling around or out in space, and has superior strength with a heavy-handed punch. Has a mean streak in him and looks for extra work or plays until he pancakes defenders. Before committing to the Aggies, schools like Auburn, Louisville, Florida State, and the Florida Gators all showed interest in Funk with offers.


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