Top Defensive Linemen in Portal

June 2, 2021


2:51 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

We are showing love to the big guys upfront on the defensive line. These are some of the best prospects here in the state of Texas at the college level.



Marquez Bimage (17) | 6’3” 230 | DE | Texas

In High school, Marquez was highly decorated earning Co-Defensive MVP as a senior in 5A. Was first-team all-district honors as a junior and second-team as a sophomore. He’s got a strong athletic build. He is violent coming off the edge, explodes out of his stance, and uses good hand moves to beat blockers.


Brandon Bowen (16) | 6’5” 225 | DL | TCU

Former wide receiver in high school turned defensive end. This is a very athletic guy off the edge who can get after the quarterback or the ball carrier. I love his explosion off the ball and the quick hand moves he uses to beat blockers.  Good speed and strength make for a dangerous combination for Bowen. 

James Sylvester (20) | 6’4” 225 | DL / DE | Baylor

Terrific and requisite frame relative to the defensive end position. James shows fast closing speed and terrific pursuit to the ball. He can afford to add some more mass to his frame and if he bulks up. I think he could be a dangerous guy off the edge. 


Willie Smith (18) | 6’2” 245 | DL | Houston

In 2016 earned first-team all-district honors as a junior and in 2015 was a second-team all-district selection as a sophomore. In High school, Smith played inside the defensive line at the nose position. He had a quick first step and showed tremendous strength bench pressing blockers off of him and locating the ball carrier. He has a long wingspan and athletic build for an interior lineman. 


Bryce English (15) | 5’11” 330 | DL | Kansas State

English from DeSoto U. Was a big boy who could move on the defensive line and plug up that defensive line. He moves well for a 300 pounder and can pursue the ball carrier and make open-field tackles. Would be a terrific addition to any locker room. 



Derrick Ray Jr. (20) | 6’2” 240 | DE | Texas State 

I think this defensive ends pass rush is my favorites out of this group. This guy can absolutely get after the quarterback and demolish the ball carrier. He explodes off the snap of the ball, keeps a good low level and can beat blockers with his pure speed. His height or size is nothing that will blow your mind but don’t let that fool you. This is a beast on the defensive line. 


Rob Cummins (17) | 6’6″ 260 | DL / DE | Texas 

Rob is from All Saints Episcopal in Fort Worth which is a powerhouse in the Dallas area. Rob has a tall and larger frame with a long wingspan. Shows good speed and agility. I could even see him playing a bit of tight end and helping out on the offensive line and or running some passing routes. He looks that athletic. Could end up being a dangerous edge rusher somewhere soon. 


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