Top 2024 Quarterbacks

August 18, 2021


3:02 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo


The 2024 class is loaded with  talent in the state. As the regular season inches closer and closer. We give you an insider look at the top recruits in the 2024 class of QBS. 

 Among the talented are some players who have already gained national interest and have caught the eye of teams that play in power five conferences like the SEC, ACC, and other respective conferences.

Today athletes are collecting offers earlier in their careers as appose to a decade ago when usually one resective universities would offer, recruits would be practically seniors. Todays players have changed and so has the way they are marked. So lets take a look at our top list and then we will come back and do an evaluation on each QB. 

Top 2024 Quarterbacks

Dylan Raiola – Burleson (6’3″, 210) 

Mabrey Mettauer – The Woodlands (6’5″, 215) 

DJ Lagway – Willis (6’2″, 205) 

Hauss Henjy – All Saints Episcopal (5’11”, 160) 

Karson Gordon – Ridge Point (6’1″ 170)

Watch list 2024 Quarterback

Darius Bailey – DeSoto (TBD)

JC Evans – Brandies (6’4″ 190)

Brad Jackson – Cypress Creek (6’0″ 165)

Trey Owens – Cy Fair (6’4″ 185)

Arrington Maiden– College Station (6’2″ 175)

Stay tuned this week as we do film evaluation’s on these top 2024 quarterback prospects later this week. 

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