Top 2 for 2023 Brennan DB Tyler Turner

May 20, 2022


12:55 pm


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SAN ANTONIO, Tx. – A very big announcement comes out of central Texas today.

Brennan defensive back Tyler Turner, a highly rated and nationally ranked three-star defensive back whose recruitment stock has been through the roof this year; made his announcement via twitter today who his top two schools would be narrowed down too. Turner has earned a total of 17 division I offers thus far from schools like Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, USC and others.

Top 2

The decision has been narrowed down to two schools in Okalaham and Oregon where Tyler will choose to counties his athletic and achdemic career.

We recently covered in depth Tylers recruiting and got some key insights on his journey from him and what it has been like and the decision that whent behind his decomittment from Baylor.

Where to Next?

The decision where Tyler will commit to as far as a date and time are unknown at the moment.

The offers from Oklahoma and Oregon are fairly fresh offers and have both come in the previous three months. It will be interesting to see how the battle ensues between both schools.

Oregon, from the looks of social media, has been doing their best to impress Turner.



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