Tompkins vs Cy Ranch : Thread live game updates

August 25, 2022


6:19 pm


Staff Writer

This is where you can find the Tompkins vs Cy Ranch game on the link below at our friends at Texan Live

We will be posting live game updates and videos as we go.

-1st Qrt 7-0 Tomkins leads with the first touchdown of the quarter.

-1st Qrt 7-6 Score Cy Ranch on a 43-yard touchdown.

-At end of the first half 7-6 Tompkins leads the game.

-3rd Qrt Tompkins leads by 10-6.

-4th Qrt Tompkins leads 24 – 16

-4th Qrt Cy Ranch has cut the lead and gotten back into the game with a long pass and then a power run in the red zone to cap off a drive to make it 31-23. Tompkins leading still.

– 4th Qrt Final score 31-23 Tompkins.

Players of the Game | Tompkins

QB, Chris Gilbert Jr. (23′)

WR, Wyatt Young (23′)

FS, Jhase McMillian (24′)

RB, Caleb Blocker (23′)

OL Ashton Funk (24′)

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