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June 29, 2021


2:26 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

We bring you some of the best prospects who are raising their recruiting stock and have really made their names known. These are some prospects to definitely keep your eye on this season. Let’s dive right into it and see who are some of the top names that are on the rise going into this coming up season. 



Aiden Inetsa-Rodriquez(22) DB, Brandeis

Aiden is most easily one of the state’s most underrated defenders/ athletes. He can be dominant on both sides off the ball but really impresses at defensive back. He has elite speed and athleticism. His vertical ability and awareness to make big plays on the field make him better than his below-average height for the DB position. Just received his first two offers and I suspect many more for this prospect to come by the end of his senior campaign. 



2022 Steele DB Tevon Cortez, Twitter

Tevon Cortez(22) DB, Steele

Tevon just received his first Division one offer from UNLV. Cortez is one of the best senior defensive backs prospects in the San Antonio area still uncommitted at the moment. He can play against the run and pass very well, He shows a smooth backpedal and can get his head around to make plays on the ball. Looks like a strong FBS type of prospect who will make more of a name for himself this season. 



2023 Brennan DB Tyler Turner, Twitter
Tyler Turner(23) DB, Brennan

Tyler just recieved his frist two offers from UTSA and Baylor. He has terrifc size for a defensive back and can play both sides of the ball very well. At defensive back he really made his name known by being shut down on the feild and putting the clamps on other top receivers.  



2023 Dripping Springs QB Austin Novosad with UTSA coach Traylor, Twitter

Austin Novosad(23) QB, Dripping Springs 

Austin can absolutely torch defenses through the air and shows beautiful footwork and mechanics relative to the quarterback position. He has been on fire with offers at almost every stop he has made this summer. All of his offers coming this month from Baylor, UTSA, Rice, Texas State, Vanderbilt, Texas Tech, and SMU. In that order. Look for this QB to be special this season and have about 20-30 Division I offers by the end of next season. Last season Austin was Offensive Newcomer of the Year in one of Texas’s toughest divisions (5A-I). 



2023 Smithson Valley's OL Colton Thomasson poses for a TCU campus visit picture.
2023 Smithson Valley’s OL Colton Thomasson poses for a TCU campus visit picture.
Colton Thomasson(23) OL, Smithson Valley

There have no better offensive linemen this summer who has raised his stock more than Smithon Valleys 6’8″ offensive lineman, Colton Thomasson. This offensive lineman shockingly doesn’t even have any stars from any of the top media source outlets but don’t let that fool you this guy can ball. He has excellent footwork in pass pro or in the run game. Also shows a devasting first punch and can absolutely flatten defenders out on the field. Still, athletic enough to make it to the second level. Lates offers come from TCU, Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas A&M, and the Longhorns. Keep your eye on this prospect this season. 



Nate Kibble (24), OL, Atascocita

Nate just received his first of many Division I offers from UTSA. UTSA’s coaching staff usually very talented at finding talent and offering the, before anyone else does in the state. The first offer was made to this 6’3 offensive lineman who plays for one of the top schools in Texas. in Atascocita. A high producer of top-tier talent. Kibble could very well be one of the top linemen prospects in his class for the foreseeable future. 



Micah Hudson (24), WR/ATH, Lake Belton

The class of 2024 is already looking loaded with talent and the conversation could very well start with this receiver from Lake Belton. Micah has the requisite size and frame most colleges are looking for and was only a freshman last season. Baylor, Pittsburg, and UTSA have all made their offers. 



Tanner Murray (22), QB, Langham Creek

The Langham Quarterback received his 7th Division I offer from Tulsa. No other senior QB in the state has raised his stock more this offseason more than Murray. One of the top QBS that could really raise his stock through the roof this season. He’s got a cannon of an arm and can launch beautiful throws downfield and put them where only his receiver can catch it. Special QB who will be a strong contributor at the next level. 

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