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July 15, 2022


11:27 am


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

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Here are some of my top 2023 Quarterbacks to watch for this season. Some of these quarterbacks may have been receiving division I offers but have little to no offers from programs as of yet for whatever reason.


The reasons why a quarterback could fall under the radar are many. Some top reason’s could be: level of play or completion, height, size, mechanics, decision making ability or football IQ, character, grades, not enough film, etc. Talk about a list that could on and on. However, or mission at tdrecruits is to bring a spotlight to FBS/FCS division I caliber prospects that play very well facing tough completion in Texas High School football.

I’ve had the fortunate ability to cover football in other states and respectively few states compare to the level of talent Texas is able to produce year in and year out. Not only feeding Division I programs across the country but at the professional level as well to the NFL; Texas sends many to the league year in and year out. All of that to say that some of these talented prospects fixing t be mentions could be some other states “top prospects” with out the label of being “under the radar” or “overlooked”.


So here are my top 2023 Quarterback Recruits to Know in Texas High School Football:


 (Featured photo credit: 23 Foster QB JT Fayard at Elite 11 competition)

23′ QB, JT Fayard, Foster HS

Fayard is a prototypical sized quarterback at 6’5 with a quick release and touch on all of his passes. He shows great vision and pocket presence by standing tall delivering the deep ball in the pocket.


23′ QB Bryce Fucik, Strake Jesuit HS

Bryce was never shy threading the needle with throws passing for 2,548 yards and 29 TD. His ability to run and through is phenomenal. With his strong composure in the pocket and elite arm strength; it won’t be long before his first FBS offers start to roll in.

23′ QB Preston Hatter, Klein Oak

The left-handed gunslinger does not fold under pressure. Hatter has great feel to climb the pocket, keep his eyes downfield, and show off his arm strength with quick strikes. Look for Preston’s recruitment to start heating up.

23′ QB Brady Dever, Fort Bend Christian Academy

Brady has a sensational season for the Eagles in 2021 eclipsing 4,054 yards passing and 62 TD. With the ability to keep his eyes downfield under pressure, Devers knows how to stretch the defense.

23′ QB Kaden Brown, Midlothian Heritage

Kaden is our biggest stock riser on our list of top QBs for good reason. His athletics bears out in both throwing and running the football. With his ability to hurt defenses with his strong, accurate arm or burn they on his way into the endzone. Will be a dominate QB for Midlothian Heritage this season, and recruiting is starting to see a boast with offers coming in. Committed to South Dakota State.

23′ QB Caleb Koger, Katy

Koger is a bit under sized as quarterback but make no mistake he can play under center and deliver some amazing strikes and find the corners of the endzone. Will be special for Katy this season.

23′ QB Koby Truehill, Paetow 

Truehill helped lead Paetowi to a state tile last season. Koby is a big and strong fluid quarterback who throughs the ball pheoniiminally well with some proper mechiancs. Great decision making and athletic ability on Truehill.

23′ QB Duke Butler Jr., Shadow Creek 

Duke is an athletic quarterback who started to pick up interest last season because of some impressive performance and leading the sharks to some impressive wins. Recruiting has began to pick up and offers are coming in for Duke.

23′ QB Patrick Burke, Episcopal School of Dallas

Patrick is a dual threat quarterback who is just as comfortable throwing the football on the run as he is in the pocket.Has the requisite height and size; also shows an impressive ability to launch the football deep down field and can hit receivers in stride.Has impressive velocity on all of his throws, and can split defenders while also being able to showcase elite ball placement.

23′ QB Michael Kasemervisz, Clements

Michael is a large quarterback and athlete at 6-foot-3 and 200 lbs, he can throw the football well, mechanics need s bit of improvement; can also play receiver and is a kind of in between guy who could also play outside receiver or tight end as well as QB.

23′ QB Tre Guerra,Keller

Tre was impressive last season. This is an athletic QB who throws the football beautiful with great touch down the field or towards the middle of the field or sideline. Offers have began rolling in for Guerra this year and will counties into this season. Look for him to make some headline and rack up yardage through the air and ground for Keller.


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