Houston Top QBs of Week 1

August 31, 2021


6:21 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

Gavin Sessions

HOUSTON- Today we take a look at some of the top Houston area quarterbacks who had impressive performances at the start of the season. As the Texas High School football season kicked off we watched the top quarterback performances and have complied stats, analysis and evaluations of the top performers from last weeks games.

Here are some of the top quarterback recruits from the Houston area to keep your eye on this season. This QBs can light up the score board and torch defenses through the air or ground. We gathered stats as best we could for the high schools that did, so If we have missed any please let us know. Tell us who we should be keeping on eye on this season by posting in the comments below or by reaching out to us via our Facebook, Twitter (@TDRecruits) or email at staff@tdfootballrecruiting.com.



Mabrey Mettauer (24), The Woodlands 

Mabrey is easily one of the best quarterbacks in the class of 2024. In addition to his arms strength, accuracy and timing on all of his throws. Mabrey has prototypical height and size at the quarterback position and achieved that by the time he was just a freshmen. Standing in at 6’5″ almost 6’6″ his stature and physical abilities are phenomenal to say the least. I think without a doubt he will be one of the top QBs in the country for a very long time.

Stats: 207 yards passing, 3 TDs and 1 rushing TD


Ja’koby Banks (23), Fort Bend Marshall 

Ja’koby impressed many in his first week of explosive offensive play. This quarterback was able to to showcase his athleticism as an athlete running with the football and making defenders miss in the open field. Ja’kobys speed is lethal and looks like a tract star on the field. Also showed great velocity and touch on all of his throws to star receiver Chris Marshall who was putting on a show for people in the stands.


Cardell Williams (22), Westfield 

Cardel has a beautiful deep ball and pin point accuracy. He can find the end zone and fit the ball into the tight windows. Ive been able to see this QB throw in person and have been very impressed with his command of the field and ability to score.

Stats: 19 of 31 attempts throwing for 332 yards passing, 3 TDS and 1 int


Gavin Sessions(22) , Atascocita 

Gavin had a very impressive first outing leading his team to a very large lead very early on in the game. Sessions flashed his speed and agility out of the backfield and showed he is a true dual-threat who needs to be accounted for on through the air and ground.


Mason Duke (22), Goose Creek Memorial 

Mason Duke impressed me when I saw him on film. At 6’3″ Duke passes the eye test and looks like a true dual-threat quarterback who is impressive working the ball down field and smooth in the pocket. Keep your eye on this QB, Duke could have a stong senior season.

Stats: 215 yards passing and 1 touchdown

Game Film: http://www.hudl.com/v/2Ffqbs


Bishop Davenport (22), Spring

The Utah State Commit Aggies commit had him self a night and looked impressive throughout the entire game. Davenport was able to showcase his velocity on throws

Stats: 21 of 35 for 301 yards passing, 2 TDs and 1 INTs

Game Film: http://www.hudl.com/v/2FhBuf


Cole Francis (22), Tompkins 

See story on Francis Cole in the article we cover the Tompkins victory in Players of the Game in Tompkins 18-6 Victory Over Magnolia

Honorable Mentions


Brad Jackson (24), Cypress Creek 

Stats: 286 yards passing was 29 of 52 attempt and 2 tds and 2 ints


Brock Bolfing(22), Montgomery 

Stats: 15 of 24 for 244 yards of passing with 3 TDs and 1 INT


Cole Murphy (22), George Ranch 

Stats: 21 of 25 for 343 yards passing and 4 touchdowns


PJ Hatter (23), Klein Oak 


Jake Wright (22), St.Thomas Catholic 

Stats: 24 of 31 for 343 yards passing and 4 touchdowns with a 77% completion rating

Brodie Daniel (22), A&M Consolidated 

I could not leave this quarterback f the list. The future Tulane baseball commit is very talented throwing the football as well as he is throwing the baseball. Daniel’s throws some beautiful passes and can torches defenses through the air. Judging by his 7 touchdowns on the nights. Brodie doesn’t have a problem finding the Endzone.

Stats: 14 of 22 for 311 yards passing with an amazing 7 touchdowns


Jahmar Sanders (22), Port Arthur Memorial 

Sanders is a little undersized but make no mistake this quarterback can ball. he looked impressive working the pocket and marching his offense down field. Sanders athleticsm and speed are lethal and at anytime the football is in his hands he can take it in for six.

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