Hidden Gem Prospects to Know this Fall: 2023 Running backs

May 5, 2022


9:24 am


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

We have an exclusive list for you today. An insider’s look at discovering some of the top hidden gem running back recruits to know this fall in the class of 2023. The talent in Texas High School football is always loaded. Sometimes a few prospects may be overlooked or underrated or are just making a name for themselves. Well, today we bring a spotlight to this guy and give you a look at some of the best-hidden gems to know.

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Owen Allen (23), RB, Southlake Carroll

The Southlake Carroll star running back has finally emerged after having a spectacular year running the ball last season for the Dragons. Allen has seen offers fly in this year from Air Force and Army. Look for Owen to have an even more of a breakout year for his senior campaign.

Kyson Brown (23), RB, Lancaster

Kyson is no longer under the radar any more after picking up offers this year. On tape, you will see a solid running back with a lean athletic build who can absolutely plow people over and has the ability to make runs that look for losses into six points.

Ezell Jolly (23), RB, Ridge Point

Ezell’s recruitment has been on fire this year with half of his offers coming just recently. Jolly will be racking up yards and bunches for Ridge Point this fall as well as more offers. Offers include Tulane, UofH, and Baylor to name a few.

Carson Green (23), RB, Reagan

Green is a very underrated running back who can make his way into the end-zone within a blink of an eye. If it wasn’t for the injury bug last year, many would know his name; regardless he is still one recruit who can make some nasty open-field moves and be off to the races.

Dejuan Lacy (23), RB, North Crowley

Dejuans’ recruitment has seen a high boost this year. He is a shifty back who can run in between tackles, make one or two cuts and be off to the races on his way to put up six points on the board because this guy can finish.

TJ Andrews (23), RB, Taft

Tj is definitely a hidden gem running back on the rise this year because of his size and athletic ability running the football out of the backfield. At 6’1, 195, he moves well for a big guy his size, looks light on his feet, can stack some cuts, and has the speed to break away from defenders.

Dawson Pendergrass (23), RB,  Mineola

Dawson showcases some impressive vision running the football and can make some big-time plays look routine. The majority of his offers coming this year from Colorado State, Indiana, ULM, and Sam Houston State to a few. Dawson has plenty of accolades; in 2021 was 5-3A’s first-team all-district at running back and the previous year was named all-district selection, and in 2019 was named Offensive New Comer of the Year as a freshman.

Jaydon Bailey (23), RB, Steele

Bailey has been heating up this year with offers and is a hidden gem prospect to know. Offers came from HBU and Utah State last month. Has a few improvements to his game that if implemented this year could elevate his status.

Rashaad Johnson (23), RB, North Shore

Don’t be surprised if you hear more and more of this name next year out of the backfield racking up touchdowns for North Shore next year. Rashaad is a hungry runner who fights to pick up those extra yards and has the speed, and lateral ability. The only downside is he is below average height for the position but he can still get the job done and faces tough competition week in and week out.


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