Game Recap: Brandeis victory over O’Connor breakout players

August 26, 2021


9:45 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

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SAN ANTONIO – The Brandeis Broncos came out firing on all cylinders and solidified a win with Quarterback JC Evans leading the way for the Broncos 33-0 over O’Connor. Early on JC was showing off his legs and arm strength racking up three touchdowns, two through the air and one on the ground. 

The young 2024 Brandeis Quarterback was showing that the lights and stage were not too big for him with a sold-out crowd marching his offense up and down the field. Wide receiver Julian Yzaguirre was Quarterback’s JC Evans’s favorite target on the night. Yzaguirre has some good size and ran some good routes and was able to get separation for himself all night long. Yzaguirre and Evans were showing a strong connection between the two and the entire Broncos offense was clicking on all cylinders.  

O’ Connor had no answers on offense and just looked out of sync all night. The Panthers Quarterback had no time to be in the pocket as the Broncos defense was in his face all night long. 

Aiden Inesta- Rodriguez was lockdown all night long. He showed off his elite athletics on both defense and special teams.

On one special team’s kick, Aiden ran a long kick return back for e Broncos for six points solidifying a solid lead for his team. Almost got a flag after a backflip into the endzone but luckily for Rodriquez, the officials waved off the flag.

The Broncos have plenty to look forward to and in the future with QB JC Evans. Look for him to make a huge impact on the rest of this season.

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