First week Texas Camps, Visits & Offers Recap

June 11, 2021


4:13 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo


Longhorn fans we have a quick recap of whats happened this week in recruiting during some camps and visits. We are highlighting some of the top prospects who visited the 40 acres and have either made their names known or received offers from the Longhorns. Now, this is just a brief recap of the first week of action for the Longhorns and some of the top recruits who visited the campus. It isn’t over just yet either, we still have a whole entire month to go and for it being the first week it wasn’t a bad start, to begin with for UT.

This weekend the Longhorns will host a lot of top prospects from around the state so stay tuned we will be bringing you updates on the college campus and visits all month long. As this is going to be a crucial month in recruiting as a coach after an extended period of time away from athletes finally get to lay on eyes and meet the guys face to face.





Colton Thomasson (23) | 6’8″ 330 | OL | Smithson Valley

No one has improved their stock more so far this summer than these offensive linemen. At the ESPN 300 camp, Colton really had a coming-out party and put everybody on notice that he was a top-tier offensive lineman. Since then both Texas A&M and the Longhorns have offered the big 6’8 offensive linemen at both camps. Colton has tremendous footwork in pass pro and run protection. That combined with his terrific size and talent have made him one of the top offensive linemen here in Texas in the class of 2023. I really like this offer by Texas.



Che Nwabuko (22) | 5’11” 180 | WR, RB | Manor

Che another rising up-in-coming prospect who has been receiving a lot of interest this year. He is making a few trips this summer. He just made a stop by the Aggies today to visit them and check out College Station. It looks like he had a good time with the Longhorns and staff as you can see below, he doesn’t look bad in the burnt orange and white.



Vernon Glover Jr (23) | 6’0″ 170 | DB , QB | Dickinson

Vernon has been targeting a few defensive backs and I think that may be something coach Sark has learned from coaching under Nick Saban. He releases that defense wins championships and the defensive back position has never been a better light than it is today in the pass-heavy offenses we see today. It is not really ground and pound it more like let’s beat them with an aerial attack. Well, finding shutdown corners is essential and it starts with prospects like Vernon who can cover the pass and run well. Just picked up an offer from the Aggies recently as well as the Longhorns.



Tay’Shawn Wilson (23) | 5’10” 170 | DB | Maybe Creek

Tay’Shawn is a prospect from Louisiana that recently made his way to Texas. This guy can get it done and put the clamps on receivers. He trails very well and has elite speed. He shows tremendous awareness out there on the field and can consistently shut down receivers.  Also plays special teams and can take the ball across the football field anytime he catches it. Only his 3rd offer here from the Longhorns but definitely won’t be the last.




Derrick Brown (22) | 6’5″ 220 | DE, OLB | Texas HS

4-star linebacker and ESPN 300 player Derrick Brown is one of the best linebackers in the nation and it would be an early Christmas gift to land this linebacker for the Longhorns. Just to be in the top 8 of his picks makes fans wonder if they could keep him in State. He is a violent edge rusher who can destroy quarterbacks and make you cringe we you see him make contact with others. He will easily be ready to go once he gets to college, I see him having tremendous success winning some awards, and walking away as a top draft prospect. It is important for the longhorns to keep fostering this relationship.



Other Noteworthy Visits


Sean Sallis (22) | 6’5″ TE | Creekview


David Oke (22) | 6’2″ 230 | DE, OLB | Alief Hastings







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