Elite 2024 WR Jason Robinson JR Visiting Longhorns

July 29, 2021


4:13 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

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One of the most elite receivers in the 2024 class is on the University of Texas’s recruiting board and will be making an unofficial visit to the Longhorns along with younger brother 2025 WR, Jadyn Robinson, who was also invited to attend the longhorns get-together they are hosting for recruits over the weekend.

Jason is one of the most highly rated and sought-after wide receivers in the class of 2024 and in the state of Texas after a recent move from Southern California. The young star receiver already holds two Division I offers from the University of Pittsburg and Arizona State. It should be interesting to see if the longhorns make an early offer for this 2024 recruit who many are interested in at the moment.


Evaluation Jason is a tall and lengthy receiver, with long arms and legs. He has a good lean frame and the potential to still add more size and mass as years go by. He shows dangerous speed in running routes and can create plenty of separation from himself and defenders. He is dangerous in catch-and-run situations and flashes impressive timing high-pointing contested passes. Jason is also very quick-footed off the line of scrimmage, gets on top of corners quickly, and flashes elite runaway speed. Overall, this 2024 receiver will be one of the most highly rated in the nation with over 30-40 division I offers and possess NFL draft early-round projection in the future.

Jason’s visit with longhorns should further nurture and solidify the relationship between the Robinson boys and the Longhorns. After all, Texas is trying to do a better job of keeping recruits in-state and recruiting heavily early on in recruits’ careers. Jason is on a lot of other prominent colleges recruiting boards and the interest in him is just heating up and should undoubtedly take off this season.

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