Champions Corner: Top 24′ recruits to invite to campus

March 6, 2023


5:18 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

This week we are taking a closer look at some of the very best Texas High School class of 2024 recruits for college coaches to invite onto campuses this spring and summer. The following players are some of the top names for coaches to know about and that you will be undoubtedly hearing more and more off.


Top Invitees

Ty Brown (24′) | 6-4. 205 | QB | Waco Midway

Ty is a prototypical quarterback with loads of potential to become one of the breakout recruits of his class, let alone position. A recruit with pedigree who’s father played at the college and professional levels, and that can absolutely sling the football. Ty has plenty of interest from some of the top programs across the country and will be interesting to see how many invites he picks up to college campuses this spring and summer.

Jackson Arnot (24′) | 6-1, 185 | QB | Vista Ridge

Jackson Arnot, not Arnold(a highly rated 23′ QB recruit although very similar in body size and playing style.. Jackson shows he can also thread the needle, splitting defenders to find the open receivers downfield or in the end zone. Jackson also has impressive speed, and athleticism with his ability to take the football into the Endzone himself for six. We think with he could take of this offseason or this coming up season with more film on tape.

Ephraim Dotson (24′) | 5-11, 175 | CB | Hightower

Dotson is a highly productive cornerback that can trail receivers stride-for-stride, and come up with big-time plays, and stops. Displays great field awareness, and keeps an eye on the quarterback so he can bait them into throwing his way and dive in front of passes or find them in the air to come up with INTs, or PBUs. Dotson is an FBS-caliber recruit who will have invites and offers soon. Dotson has already picked up an invite to Yale, and others are sure to follow.

Kyle Garvis (24′) | 6-1, 290 | IOL, C | Strake Jesuit

Kyle has recently picked up an offer from Texas State and we consider him an elite interior offensive lineman recruit who is one of the top centers or interior offensive linemen in his class. Kyle plays with a physical nature and has a mean streak to him driving defenders into the ground and racking up pancake blocks. Kyle is without a doubt an FBS, division I caliber prospect that many colleges should get on to campus to get eyes on him.

Stephen Jr. Gill (24′) | 6-1, 195 | QB | St. John’s

Talk about a recruit who will blow your mind once he is on campus. Stephen is a recruit who could easily be mentioned among the top ten or twenty recruits in his class.  Gill features throw dimes and drop deep bombs all day.Gill can also can hurt defenses who play to either one of his strengths to much with his legs or arm. Will be a quarterback  many will want to get onto campus. We suspect Gills recruitment could skyrocket soon, and he will be racking up plenty of interest and offers.

TJ Jones (24′) | 6-2, 185 | DB | Klein Oak

Coaches, here is a recruit who is big enough to play inside the box at linebacker and or athletic enough to play corner or defensive back. Tj can light up ball carriers and has elite speed and agility. Will be one who could rise and pass many in his class on rankings, and surprise many this coming up season.  TJ is one of the top recruit to get onto campus as soon as possible.

Preston Honeycutt(24′) | 6-4,255 | OT, IOL | Hutto

Preston recently picking p some junior day invite offers, is a recruit whose dominate .Could be a true left tackle or interior offensive lineman because his pass pro. and run blocking skills are so good in either department. Preston is without a doubt a division I, FBS caliber prospect who can come in and contribute to any program. 

CJ Miller (24′) | 6′ , 215 | MLB | Anna

There couldn’t be a better interior linebacker in the class to get onto campus and get eyes on than one of Anna high schools own.  CJ is a run-stopping middle linebacker who is has knack for sniffing out plays and coming up with stops in the backfield or allowing few yards if any.  Miller is a tackling machine with his high motor, speed, and explosiveness and can cover sideline-to-sideline. Does an excellent  job showing patience in reading plays and letting them develop in his favor, filling his gaps, and coming up with stops routinely.

Jed Olotu-Judah(24′) | 6-1, 180 | CB, S, | Katy

Jed has already received multiulpe junior day invites from schools like UTPB, and Texas State. A  defensive back with impressive size beautifying a lengthy athletic frame and long arms with. Jed can dominate at the cornerback position or safety and also displays potential as a jammer defensive back who plays very physically. An excellent form-tackler in the open field and is one who is not afraid to lay the lumber flying downhill to light up ball carriers.  His ability to contribute on defense and on special teams almost makes him elite, Jed could project to be a recruit that ends up on a lot of radars, and college campuses this spring and summer.

Aiden Kaplan(24′) | 6-3, 278 | IOL, OL | Lake Creek

Aiden has been invited to the Elite prospect camp and more are sure to come. Considered as just a matter of time before he is recruit whose recruiting has heated up, and takes off. Playing with a phsycial nature Aiden, shows some good technique and flashes impressive athleticism and strength packing defenders head up or pulling. A very versatile offensive lineman that could play multiple positions if possible( i.e guard and center). FBS caliber prospect who has been gaining a lot of interest lately from colleges to get on to campus.

Lane Stockton (24′) | 6-1, 170 | QB | Tomball Memorial

Lane has been waiting his turn patiently behind upperclassmen and this season should be his year. Lane is a recruit who’s recruiting can take off at any moment this year. A multi-sport athlete who can receive a scholarship either playing football or baseball and or both. A great recruit to get onto campus and have him showcase his talent and ability because its there without a doubt.

 Jabari Bush  (24′) | 6-4, 200 | WR | Paetow

Bush  is a mismatch night mare and can be a sure target with a large catch radius. He has the ability to climb the latter with his vertical ability at 6-foot-4 is impressive. The quarterback can jus throw it up in the air and let Jabari go up an catch the football at its apex. A guy who could be a number one wide reciever or a tight end at the next level , maybe even linebacker. Either way this versatile recruit has loads of potential to be an impact player at the next level with just a little bruising up of his skills and technique, Jabari is one many should be wanting to get eyes on.


More Notables

Cameron Dickey (24′) | 5-10, 200 | QB, ATH | Crockett Early College(Tx.)

Karlnelious Hall (24′) 6-3, 300 | DT | L.G. Pinkston (TX.)

Jeshuah Davis (24′) | 6-2, 285 | IOL | Weiss (TX.)

Johnquarius Ervin (24′) | 5-10, 180 | RB, ATH | Amarillo (TX)

Mike Feacher (24′) | 5-9,160 | FS, SS | West Brook (TX)

Elijah Sherman (24′) | 6′, 150 | WR | Eaton (TX)

Jacob Sapp (24′), WR, Cypress Falls(TX)

Clark Pierson (24′)| 6-3, 335 | OL, IOL | Wylie east (TX.)

Case Peacock (24′) | 6′, 165 | WR | Ponder (TX)

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Jaylen Brazzle (24′) | 5-10, 165 | CB, WR | Weiss (TX.)

Jake Young (24′) | 6-5, 270 | OL | Pearce (TX.)

Isaiah Avery (24′) | 6-1, 180 | WR, DB | Refugio (TX.)

Marion Lewis (24′)| 5-10, 160 | CB, WR, ATH | Porter (TX.)

Nolan White (24′) | 5-11, 175 | CB | Memorial (TX.)

Corian Powers (24′) | 6-2, 185 | FS, RB | Langham Creek (TX.)

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