Big Game Recap: Klein Oak vs Cinco Ranch

September 2, 2022


9:28 am


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

The Klein Oak Panthers would be in for a tough matchup against a tough and talented team in Cinco Ranch. In a game that would end up being a well fought battle all the way down to the end. 

We recap the game for you and bring you our players of the game, plus standout recruits for both teams in a game that would reveal a lot of talented players. 

Game Recap:

On the first play of the game Cinco Ranch  ran a 90-yard touchdown return to kick-off what would be an exciting game to watch.  

The Klein Oak Panther’s would answer back with an offensive drive that would put up points of their own to tie up the matchup 7-7. 

Later on in the 1st quarter, on a Klein Oak punt, the Cinco Ranch Cougars would come  up with a clutch play, a blocked kick that would set them up with prime field position in which they would capitalize with a power run into the end-zone. 

The Klein Oak offense along with star wide receiver and Memphis commit Kaleb Black (23′) would answer back with a deep touchdown pass. Black was special all night long, cresting operation from him self in his routes with his blazing speed and soft hands, was able to come with a lot of big plays during the game. One pass to Black was a tough contested one, and yet Kaleb would eventually end-up coming down with the football in his hands in end-zone to keep the momentum in the Panthers favor. 

The two would go onto trade blows, and switching leads the entire game; with points pouring onto the score board for either side, it was hard to take your eyes off the game. Not because of bad defensive play, but because the offensive play for both teams was that good. Going into half time, the score was nearly all tied up 28-33 Klein Oak leading the way. 

Presuming in the fourth quarter. The defense for Klein Oak didn’t give up much. Stoping an in rhythm Cinco Ranch offense that was on a roll on the night. The pressure from the Klein Oak defense kept the pressure on the Cinco ranch defense despite some spectacular play from quarterback Gavin Rutherford 

Klein Oak looks to rush one into the end-zone late in the fourth to secure their lead. The Klien Oak Offense was able to pick up some tough yardage and move the sticks to inch closer into the end-zone. A touchdown would later ensue which Klein Oaks quarterback would virtually walk right into the endzone to secure the lead for Klein Oak lead and adda bit more cushion to their lead Wirth a score o 28-40. 

The Cinco Ranch offense did no play down however, they were Abe to after a great return, have great field position and quarterback Gavin Rutherford would be able to string together a few quick passes to march his team down field.Rutherford looked rather spectacular during the game, making some nice throws, and showcased his athletic ability with buying some time with his legs on a few plays from a few offensive series. The Klein Oak defense, however, though, would be able to come up with a few stops and rattle Rutherford, and the Cougars offensive line. However, that did not stop them from keeping the pressure alive and moving down field. On one drive, Rutherford ran the ball and while hurtling a defender towards the sideline Rutherford, would seemingly kick a Klien Oak defenders and would earn a flag to be thrown on the field. In a bizarre play, the negative yardage marched the Cinco Ranch offense back and seemingly killed any momentum that they had on offense.  

Late on that very same drive after the penally, Cinco ranch calls a time-out to reboot their offense for what be one last series of offensive play, but to no avail. The drive was quickly ended with a field goal, and subsequently with an offsides kick that would go on to be re-covered by Klein Oak in which they would assemble I their victory formational dog on to win the game and advance to 2-0 on the season with a score of 40-35 Klein Oak. 

Final Score: 35 - 40, Klein Oak over Cinco Ranch

Klein Oak looks to keep their perfect record alive next with their next game in Klein Collins in an away matchup. As for Cinco Ranch they will look to bounce back from this loss with a new record of 1-1 on the season. Next week the Cinco Ranch Cougars face Katy Taylor on the Saturday the 10th of September. 

tdrecruits Player of the Game

#2 WR – Kaleb Black (23′) 

Senior wide receiver Kaleb Black was making plays all game long. Coming up with some pretty amazing catches that he won by reating separation for him self with his lethal speed and ability to pluck the ball out of the air and find the end-zone. 

Klein Cain Standout Recruits of the Game

#2.WR – Kaleb Black (23′) 

#3 QB – Lucas Scheerhorn (24′) 

Cinco Ranch Standout Recruits of the Game

#12 QB – Gavin Rutherford (23′) 

#7 RB – Samuel Mcknight (23′) 

#3 WR – Seth Salverino (23′) 

#39 LB – Braden Williams (23′) 

Breakout Recruits of the Game

#3 WR – Seth Salverino (23′)|  6′ / 175 | Cinco Ranch 

Salverino definitely turned heads during the game. On the first play of the game, he ran a 90-yard kickoff return back for six points to put his team on the board first.Seth has a lengthy frame, and blazing speed. Route running could use improvement but we only see this reciever getting better as the season goes on. Holds offers to Air Force, Army, and Stetson. 

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