HS Pre-season Preview: 5A Division I Region III

August 12, 2022


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The High School football season is nearly upon us. We take a look at some of the top teams in each region and district this season to let you know which teams and players to keep your eyes on this season. We predict who the district champs and All District recruits could be from every region and then eventually we will be posting a list of our All-District teams for 5A, and 6A football.

District 9

Madison Marlins

Madison has some talented players and had a decent record last season going 6-5 overall last season. They have some very talented players on defense that can really light ball carriers up and the common saying is that “defense wins championships”. We think this Madison Marlin team could take the district and be crowned champions not only because of their talented defensive crew but because of their talented players on offense as well who can equally produce. Here they are:

Madison HS All District Pre-Season Recruits

DB, WR – JaCorian Hail, 5-11 / 165

DB – Armon Ward, 6-1 / 170

RB – Chase DeVaughn , 5-10 / 165

QB – Chase Garrison, 6-1 / 180

DL, OL – Nicolas Golden, 6-6 / 280

District 10 ,

Manvel Mavericks

Manvel takes the district for us this season as they have a talented team returning. Last year Manvel went 10-3 on the season and will look to have similar success this year. Leading the way on offense is senior Quarterback Kaeden Smith who will look to lead Manvel to another playoff run this season.

Manvel HS All District Pre-Season Recruits

S Jalen O’Neal (23) , 6-1 / 170

QB Kaeden Smith (23), 6-1 / 180

LB Kaleb Blanton (24), 6-1 / 205

LB Tyler Cooks (24) 6′ / 200

DB Chancellor Whitaker (23) 6-1 / 185

DB Quincy Nevins (23) 5-11 / 170

District 11

College Station

We’ve got the Cougs taking district this season with some top talent returning. Last season they impressed many and had a nearly perfect season going 15-1. Even losing some starters on offense shouldn’t hurt the Cougs too much this year. The offense is loaded with talent from seniors that many know like running back Marquise Collins who is a highly rated and recruited division I caliber prospect who is committed to the Duke Blue Devils. Quarterback Arrington Marrington is a special talent who should be a leader on offense this season as well as slinging the rock around for the Cougs.

College Station HS All District Pre-Season Recruits

RB Marquise Collins (23) 5-10 / 190

QB Arrington Maiden (24) 6-3 / 195

OT Jake Utley (23) 6-5 / 315

LB Chantz Johnson (23) 6′ / 200

WR Jackson Verdugo (25) 6-3 / 200

District 12

Smithson Valley

Last season Smithson Valley played very well and went 10-3 on the season after a nice playoff run. With standout recruits like Texas A&M Aggies commit Colton Thomasson returning on the offensive line as well as others fixing to be noted. The Rangers will have their work cut out for them in a new district with some unfamiliar faces, however, with how well they have done in the past with other tough competition, Smithson Valley’s chances of taking District this season and making a deep playoff run are high.

Smithson Valley HS All District Pre-Season Recruits

OL Colton Thomasson (23) 6-7 / 360

OL Tyler Stone (23) 6-4 /245

DE Gavin Woods (23) 6-2 / 210

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