2024 WR’s to know this Fall

April 22, 2022


12:36 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

Today we send you into the weekend with some of the top playmakers at the wide reciever position in the class of 2024 here in Texas. These are some of the top prospects to know this fall who will undoubgltey be making headlines and racking up points for thier respective teams. Get the popcorn ladies and gentleman, we’ve got the best play makers you should know this season. 

Biggest Stock Risers 

Elijah Baesa (24) | 6’1, 170 | WR | North Mesquite

No one has probably raised their stock more than Elijah Baesa who has picked nearly half of his offers this year. He’s been on fire picking up offers from schools like Colorado, Baylor, LA Tech, Ole Miss, and Michigan State. No one has probably raised their stock more in this article this year than Baesa because of his ability to be a threat with the football in his hands on special teams and offense.

Jelani Watkins (24) | 5’9″, 160 | WR | Klein Forest

It’s tough to say but a good argument could be made for Watkins being the biggest stock riser in the 2024 class with him blowing up this spring and picking up a total of seven out of twelve total offers from schools most recently like Michigan State, Oregon, Mississippi State, Texas Tech, Baylor, and Arkansas. The recent success is probably due to an impressive junior season in which Watkins showcased his Olympic sprinter speed and hands. They say speed kills and Watkins could easily be one of the fastest in his class no matter the position.

TaMarcus Gray (24) | 6’3, 160 | WR | Texas High

Gray is one receiver recruit that has been on fire this year with offers coming from Texas Tech, Georgia Tech, Colorado bringing his total to six total offers. Grays’s name will soon be in the conversation with the elite and some of the best in the nation in his class. He’s got the next-level skills and size, and with his dangerous speed and route-running ability; Gray is a mismatch nightmare for most. 

Zion Kearney (24) | 6’3,190 | WR | Hightower

Zion is one receiver whose recruitment has taken off this year and has virtually received all of his six total division I offer this year besides one. Hightower has a receiver that can stop on a dime, get off the LOS in a hurry, and can make the big-time plays look routine. He will be one receiver who will ultimately continue to get better and hear more and more of this fall. Whose offered Kearney so far? Texas A&M, UTSA, SMU, Charlotte, and Houston all have this

Players to Know 

Ricky Evans (24) | 5’9, 170 | WR | South Oak Cliff

Don’t sleep on South Oak Cliffs Ricky Evans who got lethal speed and is without a doubt a highly rated FBS prospect with a high ceiling. Picks up an offer from Ole Miss recently and as one other from Kansas. 

Khali Best (24) | 5’11, 170 | WR | McKinney

There are a wealth of some of the country’s most prestigious programs interested in Best who is a dangerous man with the football in his hands. He can catch the football behind the line of scrimmage and take it fifty-plus yards down the field in the blink of an eye. In his routes, he can stop on a dime with great body control and makes for a great target. No offers but plenty of interest from schools like Clemson, Texas, and Oregon to name a few. 

Josiah Herndon (24) | 6’4,185 | WR | Barbers Hill

We cannot say enough good things about Herdon who is flying severely under the radar at the moment but could easily explode and take off this season. Has some great pedigree, his father is a former NFL player, and this guy can ball, has the size and skills to be an elite player this fall and at the next level. 

Kennedy Brantley (24) | 6’4, 190 | WR | Melissa

Brantley will be special and a big-time playmaker for Melissa for years to come. He’s a big framed receiver who looks light on feet and very quick-footed running his routes. He can get on top of corners in the blink of an eye and is your typical No.1 or 2 outside receiver to who you could just toss the football in the air and let him go up and get catch the football. 


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