2024 Wide Receiver Rankings

February 9, 2022


7:42 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

Today we have a list that is packed with talent. We take a close look at who are some of the top wide receivers to know in the 2024 class that are surely recruits that will be on a lot of college recruiting boards if they are not all ready. Here are the top wide receivers in the 2024 class here in Texas.



#20.Brandon Ward (24) | 6’3 180 | WR, OLB, Ath | Brenham

Ward is a very raw wide reciever with great size, athletics, speed and strength. Plays both ways at wide reciever and outside linebacker and plays very physical. Shows he can come up with some big time grabs in the endzone, and is a multi-sport athlete who plays basketball as well as football.

#19.Jalen Shelley (24) | 6’8″ , 170 | WR | Lone Star

Shelley is a two sport athlete who plays basketball and football. Not much tape on Shelley but holds a DI offer from Nevada and could burst onto the scene next season for Lone Star Frisco should he choose to dominate in football as he does on the court.

#18.Fatu Mukuba (24) | 5’11 ,170 | WR | LBJ

Fatu is a very raw receiver who flashes good speed, hands and can find his way into the endzone. He is an athlete who plays both reciever and defensive back. Can improve route running acumen, suddenness. Holds 3 division I offers at the moment.

#17.Bradan Manning (24) | 6’3″ , 210 | WR | Elysian Fields

Bradan is an elite receiver with a big frame and long arms, and can run terrific routes. Springy in 50-50 situations and can get up there and catch the football in traffic. FBS prospect with a high ceiling and proved himself last season.

#16.Ricky Evans (24) | 5’9, 170 | WR | South Oak Cliff

Ricky is a dangerous receiver with the football in his hands. He has lethal speed, can gas most down field, shows the ability to get open consintely and make big plays; a strong slot type of receive wqhp could possibly a threat on special teams as well.

#15.Bryant Wesco (24) | 6’2, 170 | WR | Midlothian

Bryant is a solid route runner who really sells his fakes and creates gaps of separation for himself; flashed impressive speed and showcased an ability to be a threat in catch-and-run situations. Very springy and can win those contested passes in-between double coverage or in the end-zone.

#14.Tre Griffiths (24) | 6’3, 205 | WR | Keller

Tre has that home run capability anytime he touches the field. He flashes impressive speed and can get over top of corners quickly and be in the endzone in a blink of an eye. Loved his long arms, big frame, and speed, route running can improve, however shows excellent awareness and can make those sideline catches. FBS caliber prospect and only holds one offer to Texas Tech at the moment.

#13.Jelani Watkins (24) | 5’9″, 160 | WR | Klein Forest

Jelani is easily one of the fastest receivers on this list, he has olympic sprinter speed and can fly down the field with eye popping speed. Gets off the line quickly and on top of corners in a hurry which fuels his vertical field-stretching ability. Liked his route running, showed he could stop on a dime, and kept working the field to get open, made for an excellent target , and will make for a solid slot type of receiver at the next level.

#12.Khali Best (24) | 5’11, 170 | WR | McKinney

Khali is a receiver who shows he can be constantly dangerous in run-and catch scenario’s and can win those contested passes with his elite vertical ability, looks very springy going up to aggressively to catch the ball. Meets the ball at the apex and adjusts well with impressive body control..

#11.Josiah Herndon (24) | 6’4,185 | WR | Barbers Hill

Josiah is a severely underrated reciever whose recruiting will soon take off. Has some good pedigree, father is an ex-College, & NFL player; Josiah is a dangerous vertically and in run-after-catch scenarios. Quick of the LOS, shows impressive burst and acceleration and can get on top of corners in a hurry. FBS prospect who is an FBS prospect who projects to have long term success at the next level and beyond.

#10.Elijah Baesa (24) | 6’1, 170 | WR | North Mesquite

Elijah possesses the jets to be a threat on both special teams and on offense. He has a long, lengthy athletic frame, with long arms, and is one with speed that not many can match. Shows good acceleration, can improve route running acumen, and suddenness cutting back on routes. Can stretch the field vertically and get over top of corners in a blink of an eye.

#9.Kennedy Brantley (24) | 6’4, 190 | WR | Melissa

Holds 4 division I offers from Colorado, Michgan State, North Texas, and Ole Miss. Has a great frame at 6’4, almost two-hundred pounds, He can catch in traffic and looks quick footed; route running could improve, however, that can be improved on at the next level. You can’t pass on strong outside reciever like this with this size who is easily a end-zone threat.

#8.Parker Livingston (24) | 6’4″ , 190 | WR | Lovejoy

This receiver deserves to be at the top of the charts; his size, route running and speed make him matchup nightmare for most. Creates good separation for himself with a good route acumen, good hands catcher, and dangerous vertically because of his speed. A FBS recruit who could see immediate success at the next level.

#7.TaMarcus Gray (24) | 6’3, 160 | WR | Texas High

TaMarcus is an elite reciever with dangerous speed, route running ability to stop on a dime and cut the field up and shows amazing hands, and awareness of the field tip toeing sidelines or finding his way into the endzone. Just throw it up to him and he will go get it; amazing vertical and high pointing ability. He’s up next to be in the conversation amoungst the elite.

#6.Zion Kearney (24) | 6’3,190 | WR | Hightower

Zion is an excellent route runner that can stop on a dime with great height, size and gets of the line quickly; shows great awareness of the field, can make those tip toe catches in the end-zone threat. He is a mismatch problem for most DBs,is ver springy in 50-50 situations and can go up and get it in traffic

#5.Andre Thompson (24) | 5’8″ , 150 | WR | Manvel

Andre is an athlete with below average height, but elite speed and ability t be an endzone threat anytime he touches the field, I see him also being great on special teams, or as a slot reciever who can stretch the field vertically. Holds several offers to school like Texas A&M, Miami, and Ole miss as well as others.

#4.Micah Hudson (24) | 6’0″, 190 | WR | Lake Belton

Micah is a apex catcher, and vertical threat at the receiver position because he can go up and catch the football at its highest point and “Moss” defenders ( as in Randy Moss) by plucking the ball out of the air; also shows soft hands and great awareness of the field. Holds 14 Division I offers from schools like Ohio State, Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M and others.

#3.Freddie Dubose (24) | 6’1 170 | WR | Samuel Clemens

They say “speed kills” and Freddie’s got plenty of it; he is a dominate looking receiver on the field who can win those contested catches with his physical plays and make scoring look routine. Also lethal on special teams as well as vertically on routes on offense, not to mention he canal’s block and make people miss in open field. Could be an instant producer at the next level by the time his numbers called. Holds offers to schools like Texas, TCU, and Utah to name a few.

#2.Xavier Filsaime (24) | 5’11”, 170 | WR | McKinney

Filsaime is one of the most lethal with the football in his hands and I his routes, shows excellent awareness of the sidelines and create plenty of separation for himself in his routes. Speed is elite and one that not many can keep up with. He can improve suddenness to maximize his separation ability and route-running acumen. Possesses to potential to make an immediate impact at the next level as he continues to develop through his high school career.

#1. Jamyri Cauley (24) | 6’2, 200 | WR | South Oak Cliff

Cauley is easily one of the best receivers in his class; his size, lengthy arms, and talent is often a missmatchuo nightmare for most. He is quick footed of the LOS, is dangerous in the catch and run situations because of his physical play, speed, strength and size. Holds 21 division I offers.

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