2024 Top Quarterback Recruit Rankings list

August 30, 2022

Staff Writer

We have posted our top ranked quarterback recruits in the class of 2024 and all for a free sneak peak.

For a limited time see what our members get to see. Our subscribers get too see our exclusive list of the top ranked recruits and watchlist players. This list is on going and living thing. We want you the fans, athletes and coaches to contribute helping these recruits with a spotlight.

Fans get to see what it feels like to be a community built around athletes. What can fans do? Fans can comment with their vote for their favorite player, and where they think they should be ranked.

If we miss a player please let us know who, we love discovering new players all across the state of Texas.So if you have a player in the 2024 class. Comment with their name, grade, and position and we will evaluate them for our to be added to our rankings or watchlist. Not every player submitted will be added.

2024 Top Quarterback Rankings

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