2024 Tight end Re-rankings

July 12, 2022


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We conclude our examination of the class of 2024 recruits this week with a comprehensive analysis in this installment. Today, it’s tight ends who are putting up big numbers. We have some of the most deadly playmakers at this position who will be real threats and production generators for their teams next season. Let’s look into the top tight-end recruits in the 2024 class here in Texas High School football.


Top Five 


#5.Cooper Stevens (24) | 6’2, 215 | TE | Cy-Fair

Cooper appears to be the next FBS caliber talent who can add additional muscle to his frame and increase in size. Last season, he saw significant playing time on varsity and blocked well on the line while also demonstrating good route running and hands for a tight end.

#4.Luke Carter (24) | 6’4, 220 | TE | Katy

Next season, one player who may help the Katy Tigers win is Luke. He can stop backs on their tracks or outrun second-level defenders running precise routes toward the goal post. With a huge frame that’s very athletic and lean-looking, he has the potential to develop more muscle.

#3.Greydon Grimes (24) | 6’5, 200 | TE | China Springs

Don’t be surprised if you see Grimes taking off this year when the season begins. It appears that he can play both ways off the edge, displaying athleticism and skill on the offensive side of the ball where he may demonstrate how his speed running routes and catching the football. He plays hard and aggressively.

#2.Ian Flynt (24) | 6’4, 230 | TE | Taylor

Ian is a big, fast, and talented tight end with the potential to be an elite and dominant force at the next level. He blocks effectively in the O-line and out in space, as well as vertically because of his speed and athleticism. Ian will continue to develop into an outstanding FBS prospect while retaining interest from schools such as Texas A

#1.Harrison Moore (24) | 6’5, 240 | TE | Southlake Carroll

Harrison is a next-level athlete with the potential to block and score pancakes at LOS or run exceptional routes, and has incredible hands. His size, athletic ability, and bulk make him a mismatch nightmare who may have 20-30 division I scholarships by the end of his high school career. For Southlake Carroll Dragons next season, he will dominate.



Ganeston Howard (24) | 6’3, 230 | TE | Eastern Hills

Kaleb Thomas (24) | 6’3, 220 | TE | North Shore

Braden Smith (24) | 6’3, 240 | TE | Franklin

Rhys Phillips (24) | 6’3, 225 | TE | Tompkins


These are the top 2024 tight-end recruits in Texas high school football. All of these players have demonstrated their skills on the field and have the potential to take their game to the next level. Keep your eyes on these athletes as they continue to develop and make an impact on their teams.

Who do you think will be the best tight is in this class? Let us know in the comments below!

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