2024 Quarterback Re-Rankings

June 22, 2022


8:50 pm


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

We’re re-ranking some of the top gunslingers in Texas’ class of 2024. This list of quarterback prospects may very well be among the best there is to offer. This group contains several excellent young quarterbacks who will undoubtedly shine for their teams this season and help them chalk up victories in the stats columns.

Some of these individuals are well-known. Some have already received substantial attention, while others are very close to doing so. This season will be interesting to follow how these quarterbacks compete and improve their recruiting as the year progresses. But for now, here’s a list of the top 2024 quarterback prospects to keep an eye on this fall.


Top 15


#15.DJ Bailey (24) | 5’10 165 | QB | DeSoto

Although there are a few minor things to work on, DJ is still a strong quarterback prospect. The most notable aspect of his play was his excellent footwork and quick release, as well as solid ball placement. He can take the offense downfield, connecting with some fast strikes over the middle or on out routes.

#14.Logan Cundiff (24) | 6’1 175 | QB | Fossil Ridge

Logan is a raw signal-caller with some intangibles and qualities you’d want to see in a quarterback. He has a fast release, excellent ball placement, and makes frequent use of touch passes, despite facing double coverage. However, he requires work on his mechanics and footwork. Outside of that, Logan appears like an FBS/FCS level athlete with the athleticism and ability to throw.

#13.Godspower Nwawuihe (24) | 5’11 190 | QB | North Garland

This is a player to keep an eye on who has a cannon for an arm that can throw deep passes and hit receivers in stride. Although he’s undersized as a quarterback, his mechanics, and arm strength may enough put him among the best.

#12.Zion Brown (24) | 6’0 175 | QB | Atascocita

Brown emerged as a star after upperclassmen ahead of him were lost due to an injury, taking the reins and leading the offense with his athleticism, speed, and agility in terms of lobbing passes over the middle. Brown is a little undersized as a quarterback, but he’s an outstanding athlete on the field.

#11.Karson Gordon (24) | 6’1 175 | QB | Episcopal

Karson is still in the early stages of maturing into a prominent FBS-caliber prospect at quarterback, but he has all of the intangibles required. Shows some decent fundamentals and arm strength, but can improve.

#10.Ethan Terrell (24) | 6’2 190 | QB | Lewisville

Ethan is a signal-caller that is beyond his maturity as a quarterback, he has an excellent command of the offense and a presence in the pocket, he shows off an arm capable of dropping 50+ yard bombs and hitting receivers 50 yards downfield without having to set his feet. Throws effectively on the run and has adequate size, height, and arm strength while also being a true dual-threat QB with all of the tools necessary as a passer and runner. FBS-level prospect who has faced constant pressure.

#9.JC Evans (24) | 6’5 210 | QB | Brandeis

Regardless of position, JC Evans is a force to be reckoned with. He’s one of the most dominant dual-threat QBs coming out of Central Texas, regardless of class. He can make every throw with accuracy and power, has a great arm and good velocity on his passes, takes excellent leadership on the field, and will be a highly regarded recruit who could climb many college recruiting boards in the near future.

#8.Arrington Maiden (24) | 6’2 180 | QB | College Station

Arrington might be a “up next” quarterback, having waited for his turn behind senior QB Jett Huff on the field but seeing some action. Maiden can throw effectively on the run or in the pocket, and he has the ability to put it over the crossbar to receivers. He has enough height, size, and athletic ability to be an exceptional quarterback for years to come, and you may expect his recruitment to take off this year.

#7.Lane Stockton (24) | 6’0 160 | QB | Tomball Memorial

Lane is a quarterback who, despite his lack of a typical stature for a prototypical QB; has a cannon for an arm and can rifle passes splitting coverage. He can throw the ball effectively from any dexterity and feels just as comfortable running with it as he does standing in the pocket. Lane shows excellent mechanics and works well within the pocket, making him one prospect who could be mentioned among the elite in his class and will be undoubtedly one of the best.

#6.Trey Owens (24) | 6’4 195 | QB | Cy Fair

Owens has ideal form when throwing the ball, with prototypical size for a quarterback (6-foot-4), excellent mechanics, his footwork and timing are on point with receivers, and he can deliver a catchable ball with some heat on it to them. Owens also demonstrates the ability to hit receivers 50 yards or more downfield in stride. Division I athlete who is gaining interest and offers from multiple schools.

#5.Cole Welliver (24) | 6’6 200 | QB | Marcus

Cole has prototypical FBS caliber size, with an excellent deep ball and touch that can hit receivers in stride all the way down the field, doesn’t give to set feet to deliver a strike, and can throw on the run. Will be a prospect whose recruitment you could see take off and be in the 20-30 offer range.

#4.Marcos Davila (24) | 6’3 205 | QB | Midland Legacy

This year has seen a lot of recruiting activity for Davila. Previously, he only had 4 DI offers; now he has 15 division I scholarships on the table. This quarterback has a tall, muscular physique with a strong arm that can make every throw. Shows some nice mechanics in the pocket and can deliver an identifiable pass where only his receivers may catch it.

#3.Michael Hawkins (24)| 6’1, 185 | QB | Allen

Michael is an elite quarterback with a pedigree whose father played Division I football and in the NFL. In 2021 was named Texas District 5-6A Offensive Newcomer of the Year as a sophomore. With his quick strict ability Michael has the ability to make all of the throws over the middle of the field or sideline and can flash his impressive quick release and velocity on the football. Had a tremendous year last year throwing and running the football.Will be a force on the field this season and at the next level. Holds offer to schools like Michigan, SMU, Virginia tech, and many others who are interested.

#2.Mabrey Mettauer (24) | 6’5 215 | QB | The Woodlands

Mabrey has the size, arm, and athleticism to make an immediate impact at the next level. He’s a tremendous dual-threat QB who can demolish defenders on his way into the end zone or fire a pass with his quick release 50 plus yards and hit receivers in stride. Will be an outstanding college player and has a high ceiling for long-term success in college and beyond. The last time we ranked Mabrey, he had 15 division I offers; that number has grown to 23 total offers from schools like Cal, Florida, LSU, Miami, and North Carolina to mention a few.

#1.DJ Lagway (24) | 6’3 215 | QB | Willis

The last time we ranked, Lagway had15 total DI offers. That number has nearly doubled to a whopping 31 division I scholarship offers. Lagway is now being compared with the likeness of Deshaun Watson because of the style of his play and athletics throwing and running the football. He’s a big, long-striding runner who can put his legs or arm to good use, has the ability to work the pocket, take off with the ball if he doesn’t like what he sees, and has open-field moves and speed to turn defenders inside out and carry it all the way home. Features a quick release and a rifle for an arm. Will be exceptional at the next level and have NFL draft potential.


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