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January 18, 2022


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The 2023 cycle of receivers is freakishly fast and talented, some of the best wide outs in the entire nation can be found here in Texas and on this list. So lets dive right into some of the best wide reciever recruits in the 2023 class here in Texas

20. Kaleb Black (23) | 5’9 165 | WR | Klein Oak 

Kaleb is a fast and dominate athlete who is verstaile and can make plays at slot reciever or on special teams. Flashes elite speed and agility , runs great routes and can be used number of different ways to pick up yardage on the field. 

19.AJ Jayroe (23) | 6’4 180 | WR | Reedy 

Aj is a elite wide receiver and athlete. He has great awareness on the field , can catch the ball at its apex , flashing off his elite vertical and athletics m and has the big play ability to come through for his team when the game is on the line. Just throw it up to AJ and let him go grab it. Excellent route runner who will special for many years and at the next level. 

18.Keaton Kubecka (23)| 6’3 195 |  WR | Westlake

Kubecka is a very excited reciever to watch that is a mismatch nightmare for most. He is quick of the LOS, sh0ws quick feet and can make the field turf fly up when he runs his routes. He has nasty cuts that can brake ankles, he’s a got soft hands and can block as well, a very vestalile player that could even play tight end or outside receiver at the next level and dominate. 

17.Weasley Graves (23) | 6’2 185 | WR | A&M Consolidated 

Weasley has a great frame and size that pairs well with being quick footed at the LOS and can be a serious a vertical threat, also a great hands catcher that can make every play look routine. 

16.Anthony Evans (23) | 6’0 160 | WR | Judson 

Evans has olympic track spinner speed and is a track star as well as on the gridiron. In his routes, Evans can cut u the field and fly down field often burning defenders on the way to the endzone. Great hands catcher, and all around athlete, had 12 division I offers and is committed to the Arkansas Razorbacks. 

15.Randy Reece (23) | 5’10 185 | WR | South Oak Cliff

Randy could easily be of the fastest players on this list and the most athletic and verstaile. He can be used at wide out, on special teams and make a difference all over the field. Not many can keep up with this guy and after helping his team when a state title, his recruiting stock has been on the rise ever since. 

14.Chris Palfreeman (23) |5’10 160 | WR | All Saints Episcopal 

Palfreeman is a great athlete who can play multiple position including running back, wide out, special teams and defensive back. He’s a deep-threat with his blazing speed, that can leave defenders in the dust.Holds 10 division I offers from schools like Arkansas, Baylor and Texas to name a few. 

13.Lontrell Tuner (23) | 6’0 175 | WR | Duncanville 

Turner is a fast and physical reciever who can not only gas people down the field but out them in the dirt as well. He’s a great route runner and can create gaps of field between him and defenders flying dow n field with the speed he has. 

12.Jaxson Levender (23) | 5’10 165 | WR | Lovejoy 

Jaxson is a lethal route runner with elite field awareness, he is also quick of the line of scrimmage and has the next level speed to be a vertical threat and a mismatch at the slot reciever position. 

11.Montrell Wade (23) |6’0 180 | WR | Tyler High 

Montrell is a speedy reciever who has the jets to gas any defender down the field and be got in a abkink of an eye. Holds 8 division I offers, is a two sport athlete who is a track star as well and can gas many on a 100 meter dash. 

10.Montrell Hatter Jr. (23)  | 6’0 175 | WR | Carthage 

Hatter has a vertical leap that matches any reciever, he can meet the ball at the apex and wins the contested passes, he’s a physical reciever who many are interested in. Holds 8 division 1 offers and is a three sport athlete in football basketball and track.  

9.Noble Johnson (23) | 6’3 205 | WR | Rockwall 

Noble has 18 division I offers from schools like Baylor, SMU, TCU & USC. His size and strength making a physical wide reciever that can run some lethal routes and is a deep threat anytime he touches the field. QB’s can usually just throw it up for Johnsons to go up and grab, shows excellent ability catching in traffic, or in double coverage. 

8.Cordale Russell (23) | 6’3 190 | WR | North Mesquite 

TCU commit Cordale Russell is special because of his physical play on the field paired with his athletic ability make him a miss match nightmare for most. Russell has great size and height and can block well on the edge or out in space.   

7.Jonah Wilson (23) | 6’3 200 | WR | Dekaney

Wilson has a great frame for your typical NO.1 outside receiver who is dangerous vertically because of his blazing speed and quick of the LOS. Wilson looks dangerous with the football in his hands, he can make some nasty open field moves and make people miss, also really good running his routes. 

6.Braylon James(23) | 6’3,  175 | WR | Del Valle 

In the regular season James had 47 receptions and 811 all purpose yards. He has an amazing ability to high point the football and go up and catch it at its  apex, “Mossing” people. Great size, ability and ability to find the endzone.  

5.Jaquaize Pettaway (23) | 5’11 170 | WR |  Langham Creek 

Pettaway is one of the most dangerous in run after the catch situations. He has the lethal speed, agility to go often untouched into the endzone. Shows the ability to make people miss in the open field and dangerous when he changes direction on cuts.  

4.Ashton Cozart (23)|6’3 180 |  WR | Marcus 

Mozart is a dangerous vertical threat that has the speed to gas defenders and get over top of corners in a blink of an eye. Has long arms, and shows great awareness of the field and in the end-zone. 

3.Jaden Greathouse (23) |6’3 200  | WR | Westlake 

Greathouse is one of the top if not the best route runner on this list. When this guy cuts up the field in routes or making people miss in the open field, you see will see turf fly up, because this guys cuts are nasty. A big receiver at 6’3, he make for a great target and is very verstaile as a player. 

2.Jonhtay Cook II (23) | 6’0 170 | WR | DeSoto 

Speed kills and Johntay’s is lethal, shows olympic sprinter speed. This receiver can cut up the field also, he is quick footed at LOS and can beat anyone in a foot race to the end zone. Plays in one of the toughest divisions of high school football in the nation and dominates. 

1. Jalen Hale (23) | 6’3, 185 | WR | Longview 

In his junior season Hale had 50 catches go for 1,154 yards and 14 touchdowns, a phenomial year accompanied with some ESPN worth highlighting catches in season. Hale has the size and elite skills to dominate on the field at the next level already. He can win in double coverage, climb the ladder, and has the vertical speed to be a threat at anytime he is on the field. 

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