2023 Hidden Gem DBs to know this fall

May 12, 2022


10:42 am


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

We looked at the top hidden gem receivers earlier in the week. Today we bring you the guys opposite of the receivers. An exclusive list of the top 2023 defensive backs that we would consider some hidden gems.

Some you know, some you may not. We thank all of our subscribers, the fans, and other athletes, or teammates that nominate these players. Without you, this list would not be as full as it is because we review every player’s film every time we make a tweet. So thank you for giving those players a shoutout so that they can showcase their talents and abilities. 

Paul Omodia (23), DB, Fort Bend Bush 

Paul is a lengthy framed corner at 6’2 with long arms that he uses to play physical within routes. Looks like a jammer at LOS, plays against the run well, and has the speed to close gaps in a hurry. FBS caliber athlete with some room to develop.

Jason Hampton (23), DB, South Houston

Jason is a bit of a ballhawk in the defensive backfield. Can break on the ball quickly and read the QBs eyes at the safety position. Plays well against the run.

Evan Jackson (23), DB, North Shore

Evan is a DB that hits like a linebacker paired with elite field awareness, and speed. Shows he can come up with the big plays; like one-handed INTs, and make them look routine. Also a threat on special teams because of his speed and athleticism. One severely underrated and special hidden gem.

Elijah Windham (23), DB, Midland Christian 

Elijah is an FBS-caliber athlete that has the next-level size and skills. At 6’2 Elijah is already at a height advantage over most receivers. Uses his leverage to jam receivers at the LOS, and can make his way into the backfield to rack up TFLs. Look for Elijah to blow up soon or this fall. 

Kanye Nix (23) DB, ATH, Terrell 

Receivers watch out if you are coming across the field in front of this guy; Kanye can just about suplex any receiver and is very physical in his play tackling or in pass coverage. In coverage, Kanye looks light on his feet and can flip his hips, get his head around, and make a play on the football. Also plays QB, but athletics bears out on the defensive side of the ball. 

Santana Wilson (23) DB, Hightower 

Santana is a great athlete with good character, and comes from a good family; sophomore tape Santana needed some minor improvements to his game and wasn’t quite there yet. Last season as a junior I feel like he solidified himself as a recruit to know who can make some plays on the football, looks disciplined reading plays and letting them come to him. He can capitalize on the football when the ball is thrown his way. 

Kyler Wilson (23) DB, Montgomery 

Kyler is a big hitter and can lay the lumber on receivers who cross his path. Love the physicality of this guy; physicality translates to tackling. Shows an elite ability to break in front of passes and undercut them. Long arms paired with a great vertical ability make Kyler an FBS hidden gem for us. 

Roddy Mapps (23) DB, Lovejoy

Roddy is a very raw DB that has the size and intangibles to be a special defensive back at the next level. Has some areas of improvement to his game but nothing that can’t be coached. What cant be coached is Roddy’s physicality, he has a bit of a mean streak in him and can sniff out plays behind the line of scrimmage in a hurry. 

Bruce Mitchell (23),DB, Lone Star

Bruce is a tall defensive back who can play corner or safety and make some plays on the football. His long arms and ability to trail receivers give him the edge in making plays. Techquine can use improvement but Bruce has the intangibles to be special. His recruitment has started to take off recently. 

Abdul Muhammad (23), DB, South Oak Cliff

Abdul is one of the biggest hidden gems on this list. Abdul is a very physical corner who shows he can drive in front of passes and has the speed to take them all the way into the end zone. He has that big-play ability and can knock out opponents on the way.

Jaden Milliner-Jones (23), DB, DeSoto

Jaden is a great open-field tackler and can be consistent on the defensive side of the ball. Can be used as sort of a hybrid defender who can come down in the box, rush the passer, or make a TFL and or drop back in coverage and make plays. FBS caliber athlete with 8 Division I offers from schools like UConn, Mississippi State, SMU, and others.

Ryan Ramey (23), DB, Ridge Point

Ryans’ recruitment is on the rise and he is a very good defensive back to keep your eyes on this season. Ramey could be a key factor in shutting down opponents for Ridge point this season. 

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