2023 Defensive line Rankings

January 24, 2022


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Today we are taking a look at the big guys in the trenches, we are ranking the 2023 defensive linemen and edge rushers. These are the guys that keep quarterbacks up late at night and offensive line coaches sweating, thinking of how to keep them out of thier backfield. We are taking a look at some of the top recruits that are not only some of the best in the state of Texas, but the entire nation. Here is a look at some of the top 2023 defensive linemen and edge rushers. 

#16.Zachary Chapman (23) | 6’5 250 | DL | Fort Bend Marshall

Chapman has the size and ability to be amongst the elite, however, he needs to improve on a few aspects like speed and motor to the football to help him finish on plays. Has the size and intangibles to be a highly rated FBS prospect.

#15.Princewill Umanmielen (23)| 6’4 215 | Edge |  Manor

Pricewill features a very tall, athletic lengthy frame and is one of the fastest to the quarterback. He’s an edge rusher with elite speed and agility that not a lot of QBs can outrun. Loved his ability to get the QB, his athleticism was a problem most could not overcome. Highly rated FBS prospect with a ceiling for long-term success.

#14.Dk Kalu (23)| 6’2 270 | DL | Ridge Point

Dk can plug up the interior of the defensive line and make his way into the backfield with a nice swim move or pure speed. Possesses a high motor, and shows great awareness in his pursuit to the ball carrier.

#13.Dylan Spencer (23) | 6’4 240 | Edge | CE King

Spencer holds 8 division I offers to schools like Baylor, LSU, SMU, and others. He looks like one of the most, dominant, and next-level prospects on this list. Has a long frame, and arms, can play with hands in the ground or stand up and shed block easily. Is proficient against the run or pass.

#12. Isaiah Crawford (23) | 6’4 210 | Edge |  Post

Committed to Texas Tech, Crawford is one of the quickest and biggest defenders to the ball carrier; has long arms and a lean athletic build. Crawford has excellent speed, strength, and moves to get to the QB. A prospect who could produce early and often in college. 

#11.Johnny Bowens (23)| 6’3 270 | DL |  Judson

Bowens is one of the most dominant defensive linemen out of the central Texas area. He can bull rush, throw around blockers like rag dolls because of his strength and fly towards the ball carrier. Think if he continues to lean out, adding more mass to his frame, he will be a dominant force at the next level and possess a high ceiling.

#10.Kaleb James (23)| 6’4 250 | Edge | Mansfield 

Arkansas commit is highly rated as one of the top edge rushers and d-linemen in his class. Kaleb has next-level size and talent and will be dominant for the Razorbacks in the future.

#9Trey Wilson (23) | 6’3 230 | DL |  Lake view Centennial

Tremendous speed off the edge with a  high motor to the ball carrier, and shows patience reading plays and letting them develop his way.

#8.Enow Etta(23)| 6’4 235 | Edge | Covenant Christian academy

Enow has the speed and athleticism to play sideline to sideline and make it to to the quarterback. He can rush the QB, make a sack, or make a play on the ball for some defensive points.

#7.Carson Dean (23)|6’4 235 | Edge,OLB |  Hebron 

Dean is one of the most athletic pass rushers, who has the size, strength, and speed to be a dominant force off the edge and plays just as well against the run. Loved his size, speed, and athleticism.

#6.Avion Carter (23) | 6’4 240 | DL | Tascosa

Great size and strength, extremely aggressive with a quick first step off the ball. Carter can be by blockers in the blink of an eye.

#5.Braylan Shelby (23)| 6’4 235 | Edge |  Friendswood

Shelby has a long, lengthy athletic-looking frame and is one who can make plays on the ball come off the edge, and make tackles for losses or sacks. Shows a great big frame that he could add more mass to and potentially raise himself on our charts.

#4.Ashton Porter(23)| 6’3 240 | Edge , DL |  Cypress Ranch

Has long arms, is great size, explodes off the ball, and is a big hitter. Maintains a low center of gravity and can bend the edge untouched to the quarterback.

#3.Jordan Renaud (23)| 6’4 250 | DL |  Tyler Legacy

Renaud has a long, lengthy, frame and arms; he bends the edge with a fierce push towards the quarterback. Bull rushing Renaud shows off his strength and ability to keep blockers at bay and disengage blockers at will. Big-time hitter and form tackler.

#2.Colton Vasek (23)| 6’6 230 | Edge |  Westlake 

Colton has been one of the prospects whose recruitment has taken off. He’s a tall and rangy defensive end who will light up QBs like a Christmas tree. Given the ability to add more lean mass to his frame, he will be a dominant edge rusher at the college level and be one you could possibly see playing on Sundays.

#1.David Hicks Jr. (23)| 6’4 250 | DL |  Allen

David is a beast on the defensive line. He explodes out of his stance, has nasty hand moves, and can fly by defenders on the way to the quarterback. I could see him being a dominant interior defensive lineman wrecking havoc at the next level.

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