2022 Tight-ends Prospects to Watch this Season

July 20, 2021


8:39 am


Emmanuel Charles-Lobo

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Texas High school football kicks off next month and we couldn’t be more excited for the season to begin. Everyone’s heard of some of the top athletes at the tight-end position like Dickinson’s High Schools and ESPN’s 300 tight-end Donovan Green, Creekview’s Sean Sallis, Southlake Carroll’s RJ Maryland, and the list goes on. On the other hand, what about some of the other really good prospects to watch this season?

Good question, let’s dive right into what senior tight-ends football prospects could really boost their recruiting this season and give their teams that extra juice they may need to make it past the regular season.


Top Senior Tight-ends to Watch this Season:


Houston Thomas |  6’4″ 215 | College Station

One of the best prospects still uncommitted at the tight end position going into the season. Is one of College Stations’ own, Houston Thomas. Thomas is a special player. At nearly 6’5, he’s got an athletically built, tall frame with room to add more mass as he matures throughout his career. Thomas is very quick of the line of scrimmage and can run routes just as good as any top receiver. He shows he can also block very well and get out in space to the next level as well in the run game. He’s got a large catch radius and should be special to watch this season for College Station High School.



Trevor Stephens | 6’3″ 225 |  Coronado

Coaches this guy could be a strong No.1 or No. 2 receivers on any college football team. He’s as fast as a slot and the big guy can block. Now if he adds some more mass at the next level u can see him being a dominant force early on. Should be one exciting player scoring touchdowns for Coronado’s offense this season.



Thomas Jewett |  6’4″ 220 |  Strake Jesuit

We got a smart kid here. Hold a 3.7 GPA, he’s a leader on offense and makes big plays look routine. He’s in a pro-style of offense that utilizes and showcases Jewett’s skills perfectly. He shows a large catch radius because of his vertical leaping ability and long arms. He can stop on a dime. Put the jets on and take the ball up felid for six. Great at blocking, he can really blick out that end and turn his back so running-backs can run behind him. . Can clean up the route running but overall Jewett is a terrific player to watch this season.



Marcus Vinson |  6’4″ 215 |  Duncanville

Marcus is a hybrid of a player for me that can play the full back and tight end position. He shows a devastating punch that can flatten defenders and he can open some sizable holes on that Duncanville football offensive line. Not to mention his ability to be utilized as a threat in both the passing and running game. Route running needs some improvements but overall a terrific player that brings that sizzle to the field.



Chidebem Lebechi | 6’2″ 220 |  Tompkins

Chidebem is a devastating blocker that can wash down a defender into the dirt. More of a blocking tight end but not bad in his routes. Could use some improvements in some areas but Lebechi will undoubtedly be special this season for Tompkins.



Josh McCarter | 6’6″ 215 |  Cedar Hill

I haven’t seen too much of McCarter play but from what I hear he is a heck of an athlete for Cedar Hill. He’s got terrific size and height at 6’6. He holds four division 1 offers to schools like Arizona, Connecticut, Kansas, and liberty. Definitely, one to watch this season.



Charles Whitebeat | 6’4″ 200 Eaton

Wow, this looks like a strong outside No.1 or No. 2 receivers. White bear has some quick feet and can beat defenders off the line of scrimmage. He’s got some lethal route-running skills and has a large catching radius. Maybe why he is so often utilized down in the Redzone.QBs can just throw the ball up to make it a sure guarantee Whitebear will come down with it.



Honorable mentions:


Leland Smith |  6’4″ 200 | Strake Jesuit College Prep

Omari Murdock | 6’5″ 220 | Lovejoy

Nathan Jones |  6’5″ 240 |  Brock

Jerrale Powers |  6’4″ 225|  Duncanville


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